Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kitchen Garden in Progress

It's been almost two weeks since the post about our home garden. However, I left some more of greenery for your eyes. I can't say that "spring has come" as it never really gone, as soon as we have +16 even in the winter time. But definitely plants have started enjoying ( I believe they can) the warn sunny days in the month of March, and you can see  a rapid progress in their development.
took these pictures today morning before going to office.The plants have started waving and in order to help them do so, my father-in-law and husband attached some strings and threads. Here they are, so green and strong, beans:
 I like these new leaves on the top very much and I guess these bean plants are going to blossom soon.
One of my favourite herbs - fennel! Now I can proudly present these tiny fluffy leaves. My mum says it may take time for it to grow up, but we can wait of course.
We also have a typical Indian plant growing on the back yard. It is called Curry tree and sometimes called also "sweet neem leaves". Its' leaves are used in many Indian dishes and they give an unforgettable flavour to them. This tree is in blossoming phase right now and many bee-like insects keep coming on it's flowers to collect pollen.
So somehow there is a small kitchen garden on our back yard. Me and my husband like to go out in the morning and observe it, see what changes have  happened since yesterday evening. I  am also very happy that we have all these plants because I feel like this is a piece of dacha which I am missing very much.

Time and wishes

   Living in a city with all its' rather rushy days you find  out the truth that  you need more time for all the things you wish to do. Time doesn't stop here, it passes by leaving you with a feeling that you are not able to adjust all your deals in 24 hours. 

   My husband frequently says me that I want everything and soon and that sometimes I need to wait for something to happen... Yes, I  agree but  I have a fear of loosing a moment, that precious moment when I am eager to do something, when I feel like this is the right time, like may be it will never come again. What to do when  YEA...I want everything: be with my husband, work, do blogging, read, crochet of course, teach Russian, learn driving, meet friends, dance or go to gym, and most probably that's not all, but it's all so REAL, isn't it?

  Well, for the time being I manage some of these, but thinking of making some particular days for particular deals. Like, for example, when I don't have Russian language class, I can come from work and do crochet. Then when my husband comes, I leave crochet and will be with him... But I guess I am already doing this way :) Of course, there are house deals too, which I  keep for the weekend mostly and distribute between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Oh, yes, what about blogging? If the things I had mentioned before were still on their "places", then blogging  hadn't had much of my attention yet. Not a problem, I just need to organize myself better. Also if all this is the matter of time, it's the matter of your wish as well, so if you are encouraged to do something, you will do it and do it very well, putting your very heart and soul into it.
  Go on and enjoy your busy days! :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Granny hexagon - how to make

   Oh, I have finally approached the granny hexagon tutorial! uff! It was fun and hope it's clear enough to follow:)
  By the way my crochet knitting is improving day by day, so the last crochet hexagons I made were much neater than the first ones :) Here is the small tutorial, where I'm trying to highlight some moments which were difficult for me and what I finally understood about making granny hexagons. Choose yarn of you preferred colours. I liked that emerald yarn. Hook number is 2.5 mm, which is my favorite.Below are some examples of the hexagons I came up with.

   I used only chain (ch) and double crochet (dc) to create a hexagon. Also I am using US crochet terminology as it's close to a Russian (UK "dc" is called "treble crochet" trc).One more note: as soon as this creation called "hexagon", which has 6 edges  and 6 vertices, so the crochet item will look exactly like this and you will have to keep number 6 in mind all the time while making it.
   First  chain 6, draw yarn under two threads of the first chain. You don't have to make any stitch now as you just connecting the ends of the ring:

Row 1. Crochet 3ch. Can you see three chains in the picture below? So this is the beginning of a 2nd row, and these 3 chains, as far as I understood, "imitate" double crochet. This will simply equal your rows further.

Crochet in the round (in the ring) 11dc. After finishing the last dc chain 1 and connect it to the first 3ch ("imitation" of dc, remember?). 
Connection of the first 3ch and last dc -
 insert the hook under the upper chain of the first 3ch.

Slip on and draw yarn throw, you have 2 loops now, draw yarn throw the second loop

one loop will be left: 

Row 2.  Crochet 3ch + 2ch (for "bridge") = 5ch:

 2dc into the big loop + 2ch

Continue making 2dc in each big loop and 2ch (between 2dc pairs). Connect the last dc and first 3ch

Row 3. Crochet 3ch. Make 2dc in the big loop.

 2ch ("bridge"), 3dc under the next big loop + 2ch. Do like this 4 more times. So you will have 3dc in each out of 6 loops. Join the last 2ch  with the first 3ch.
(You can see that it folds a bit in the picture, but it is alright as we will be adding more dc in the next row).

Row 4. Crochet 3ch + 1ch. Then make: 3dc + 1ch 3dc in the first big loop. 1ch. Then  3dc + 1ch 3dc  into the second loop, then 1ch. Do same ( 3dc + 1ch 3dc ) in all big loops. Finish the row by connecting last 2dc to the first 3ch:

The row 4 will  form the corners of the hexagon, can you see them in the picture above? 
After you finish this row, count the number of all the stitches in the corners and in the loops in order to see mistakes (if they are present) and ...CARRY ON!
Row 5. Crochet 3ch + 2 more dc in the first loop + 1ch ("bridge").
   3dc+1ch+3dc in the corner. You have to alternate further: 3dc into the big loop, then 3dc+1ch+3dc into the each corner. Finish the row.

 This is how your 6 corners have to look like.

  You can stop expanding hexagon now or continue and make  it as big as you want, depending on the project you are up to.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pretty crochet flower

 This flower was made today, just few minutes back, and I like it so much! The pattern is taken from the site Grand mother's pattern book and it is actually a part of a tablecloth. Original color of the flower is  white, but I changed it to purple, and I guess it looks gorgeous like this too. In my plans is to make some flowers with petals of different colors using the yarn I bought last month. However it takes time to crochet one flower and the full table cloth requires 144 of them! May be I could adjust the pattern and make a smaller tablecloth. Have a joyful, colorful weekend!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Little bit of gardening

  Indian Sunny Days were marked by  a bit hectic week for both, me and my husband. For me, because I simply got too tired in my office, for my husband - he got a new opportunity! All this happened so suddenly and fast, so I think we still didn't realize this great change. I am very glad that he will have now more prospects and will be able to implement some of his dreams :)
 We have small pieces of land in front and behind our house, so this is where we grow some plants. About three weeks back, it was Sunday, me, my husband and our papa (my father-in-law) decided finally to do something about our garden development. We went to the nursery and after a while purchased there some flowers. My father-in-law planted all of them into pots and put on the wall. There were many other plants, so different: tall, short, blossoming, cacti, small palm trees!
  I liked this one very much, as I knew it would give pretty flowers later. Here they are:
 Aren't they sweet and tender?
 The name of the flower below I don't know too. It looks like white butterflies sat on it:

  However our gardening wasn't over. Week later we planted some seeds, which my parents gave from home - kidney beans and fennel! They gave sprouts just four days back, but turned already into a small plant so fast! I really feel so proud, as Kazakhstan plants are growing in India now :) Some of the kidney beans ("rajma" in hindi) are wavy, another ones will be a bush type.
  Fennel gave tiny leaves so far and I will take the pictures when it becomes a bit taller.
  I am expecting to have a good harvest later on! My husband loves rajma a lot, so we will have our own ;)
***Have a nice weekend everyone!***

Monday, 12 March 2012

Save 60 trees - trees are not saved

Those 60 trees, which Chipko movement was struggling to protect, were finally cut yesterday morning in sector 17 in our city! Though more than 1193 citizens signed the on-line petition, created by Chipko movement, no one took it into attention.
Our friend, organizer and leader of the movement, Gaurav Chhabra "Karma" had to stand his ground till the time when it was already not possible. The Chipko movement activists were able to take videos of the trees cutting. The poor trees were also literally standing till the end, and even heartless machines were not able to break them from the very first time.These are the links for more info and pictures:
As it happens usually, those who were right in their intentions, who wanted to bring good to the city, were turned guilty, when 3 of the activists were arrested by the police and released later in the afternoon. Administration didn't want citizens to be too much concerned about the city, though city and citizens have the same root!
Urbanization, development are supposed to bring more happiness, satisfaction, joy of living in changing world.. .but in real it gives only feeling of disappointment and sadness, when comes to the questions of nature. Can't we ever exist harmoniously with it? Nature tries it's best to keep us happy, but we betray it in response.
Just see the same place in Chandigarh, with trees and without - only plain, boring houses rising along the street. This is how they want the city look like - buildings, walls, streets, vehicles.
Still we can save that piece of nature ourselves by planting more trees, bushes and flowers near our houses, by telling to children about the importance of saving the nature so that their future will be green!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Sunny Granny Hexagons

 Few days back I learned how to crochet a granny square. I then made two of them and stitched together, what made a granny square bagThis time I'm doing something new and trying to create patterns myself. I decided to give a try to new acrylic yarn I bought two weeks back. Now let me show what the result is. I have come up with a granny hexagon!  I like yellow color in this combination a lot. It makes so sunny-like look and I can use it to decorate my bedroom, as there is lack of sunlight in it.
 Some more closer look at them, not perfect ones, but I am improving the pattern.
  I love these so much! I made three more, but with other colors. Later on I issued the tutorial on how to make a granny hexagon. Check it out!
 I realized that crochet knitting gives me so many good feelings! In last days my hobby mixed with a reading of Harry Potter, so it made this experience related to the world of magic, homely stuff, cozy drawing rooms with fireplaces and beautiful sceneries... :)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

8 of March - International women's day and Holi!

Today is a special day, because two different holidays came together in one day - 8th Of March!
As known, 8 of March is always a holiday in Russia, many European countries and post USSR countries as well and is dedicated to women. So in the morning I got a lovely short sms-poem from my father! It was saying about spring, flowers and happiness! Thank you, dad!
This is a small picture gift for all women this day, tulip! I remember we use to have tulips on our old dacha, and whenever we use to come there in early spring, they were already blossoming, red and yellow! These are not ours, but they are resembling those:

This day also coincides with a big holiday of India called HOLI! It is a festival of colours, good mood, happiness and joy! This day is marked by throwing colours on each other and saying "Happy Holi!" Last we celebrated it with our friends. It was so much fun!!! I loved it and I hope we are going to celebrate this year the same way!

 Happy Holi and Happy Women's Day!!! Let's celebrate!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Save 60 trees campaign in Chandigarh

Yesterday, on the 6th of March, there was a campaign in sector 17 dedicated to the protection of 60 trees which were supposed to be cut in order to make an over-bridge.
The movement, named Chipko, was organized and inspired by one of our friends, who's initiative made simple citizens to show how they care for their city! The link to the news about event is here:
I really appreciated and loved the passion of people participating in the event, because nothing like this could have happened in my city, Astana, when  so many trees were cut there too and none even had a move to save them! I like people being concerned about the city issues, and it has to be like this, because this is the place we live in, work and rest.
Be the change you want to see!

Happy birthday, Mum!

Happy birthday, Mum! I love you very much and wishing you loads of happiness ahead! :*
   Yes, today my mum has her birthday and I don't really remember when was the last time I was with her on this day. I am feeling sad about it a bit, but can't help. I spent a lovely New Year-Christmas time with my husband and my parents in my country, but it wasn't possible to stay there more or come there so soon again. Well, I hope for the next meeting to happen after a little.
  Anyway, I am very happy, as I have everything in my life what a girl can wish for.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Crochet purple purse - using favorite colors

   I was pretty busy last week with making of this purple crochet purse, because I was going to gift my sister-in-law on her birthday, which happened last Sunday. So I used any opportunity to crochet  for my  own pleasure combining two tints of purple and this is what I finally got:
   In the beginning I wanted to put three flowers in the corner, but when attached one - it looked sufficient, as purse is small in fact, so I left it the way it is in the picture. I also liked a lot this way of making crochet handles - it looks trendy and very harmoniously along with the entire crochet purse.
  My sister-in-law liked the purse and I hope she will be taking it out sometimes :)

Crochet Time Pass :)

These are some of my creations for the past two weeks, more are coming.

double coloured rose

Monday, 5 March 2012

Earthquake in Chandigarh!!!

  OMG! I have just experienced an earthquake, second time in my life though, but the second one was much stronger! I was in the office when felt like my chair was kind of a shaking, and then saw a bottle of water on the other table  - water was shaking too!!!
  It is an unpleasant, believe me, when you feel that the building is actually moving!
  This earthquake must have happened somewhere in another state, but the waves came to our city. Initially, our city is located on two tectonic plates and of course it adds "spice" into seismic activity too.
 Hope no one suffered and there won't be any victims of this natural phenomenon. - here is the link to the latest news on the today earthquake

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Starry Chandigarh

 Hollywood came to Chandigarh in the form of Kathryn Bigelow's film shooting on US operation of capturing and killing Osama Ben Laden.
Chris Pratt
  Well, I HAD to do some corrections in my post, because so much trustworthy media made a mistake while saying about the cast for this movie. They simply confused two actors (guess how could they do?) Brad Pitt with Chris Pratt! Yeaa... their surnames do sound a bit bit same.. but overall... two completely different actors!!!
  So this is an actor who will be in the movie, his name is Chris Pratt. This is the link to imdb site  where you can see full cast and crew of the upcoming movie. 
 The most incredible thing is that film shooting takes place in one of the most popular Chandigarh markets in sector 15, where me and my husband use to come numerous times! The film-makers turned sector 15 market to the market street of Lahore, Pakistan. Other episodes of the movie is promised to shoot in Patiala, the city not far from Chandigarh. We would like to go near sector 15 sometime in the evening and see what is going on there ourselves. :) Go on, Chandigarh!

Chandigarh sector 15 market while movie shooting
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