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Here is a collection of useful links for cooking and crafting projects. I frequently find myself searching for the same recipes and not finding them again, because if they are not pinned or saved on my boards and such, they are lost forever. Most of the recipes I use are eggless.

Things to COOK:

Homemade Buns (Indian buns) (Eggless)

Apple Raisins Cinnamon Rolls (Eggless) - tried, it is a super easy recipe and delicious too. However to save some time I made dough in the evening to be ready with this tasty treat in the morning.

Apple Pie (Dough) recipe - awesome simple recipe which comes out great. I tried making one big pie and small pies too - both the ways they were perfect, the family liked them a lot.

Kadai Paneer recipe (dry)

Mushroom Wellington - want to try!

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