Tuesday, 25 February 2014

North Goa - Little Vagator Beach - Part 4

Hey, friends! Hope you all are doing fine and are happy at your places. I am yet to finish my Goa tale, and to my surprise, we had really done many things in just 1 week, as I can see now from all the photos.
What concerns my pregnancy - we are doing just fine. Three days ago I had 2 level scan, which revealed that baby is fine :) I have started feeling kicks now more clearly; they are light and not yet that frequent, but good enough to make me smile and love my baby more and more with each passing day! Thanks for all kind comments on last post - I know that all a woman is going through is worth the result!
My D is a great support to me these days, I am so grateful to him for all his care and help.I guess he also hasn't realized he is going be a "daddy" soon, but he feels good about it and starts discussing things like names already.
Well, and for today I have few snapshots of our very first day in North Goa, Little Vagator Beach. I had already showed our stay, but wanted to keep some more of them. Such a classical exotic scene!
Another through palms view. Te palm trees were very tall and all had coconuts on them!
As soon as we left our bags in the hut, we rented scooters and went to visit a famous Anjuna Wednesday market. The parking was full of scooters and bikes. 
There were many locals and foreigners. Very noisy and colorful rows of goodies. We bought 2 t-shirts for D and some small gifts for our parents.

 The trading rows were endless. We got tired very soon there, considering we didn't have any food since morning and traveled whole day. So after some time I said I'd like to withdraw from there, as in such mood we were not able to enjoy shopping.
 The best part was that after all we were back to our cozy peaceful location and swam at the sunset.
 Aww, now I again have that nostalgia coming back... Missing that place a lot. 
 Meanwhile our hotel cum restaurant lit up the lights, and later one we went there for dinner, thinking of our next day's activities. And for that we planned rather tough schedule, however we enjoyed it a lot.
 Today we both are visiting Delhi, I am at my D's relatives' house, and he is at work as it's an official trip. So I've got few minutes to greet all of you and tell something new. Day before yesterday I finished reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini - a book which will stir your feelings for sure and will make you look at your life at different angle. Blessings to all!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Palolem, Agonda and Kola Beaches in One Day - Goa Part 3

It has started becoming warmer in Chandigarh. Day temperature is around +20+21 now, morning might be somewhere +15. I know that many of you still are in a frozen and snowy place, and my sighs about “cold” weather here seem to be pretence, but it is not. When it is evening and early morning, our house is freezing. We have to put socks, warm pajamas and jackets before going out of our room. We still put the heater on every now and then. Not a very comfortable living. But at the same time I don’t want to complain because the hot summer is in future. I am also more and more scared of it because that will be my last trimester, and I am really worried how I am going to cope up with +40 and AC, and going to office and at the same time taking care of myself, my baby and my D.
I have many other worries, which appear anew with my every awakening in the morning: how am I going to bear pain of labor, how will I take care of my baby, will baby be fine in summer with AC? For the past few months I had such mixed feelings about my pregnancy from “am I ready”  to “a sudden excitement about having that little one in my arms in just a few months”… I cannot say I was very excited in the beginning, more I was depressed and used to cry on my husband’s shoulder saying that I am scared.. But he is always there for me and now I feel much much happier about having a child and dreaming of that special day when we finally see him or her. Yes, I shall note that it is illegal to try to determine the sex of a child in India due to some social problems. But for us anyway it doesn’t matter as soon as the baby is healthy and happy.
Ok, now I  am not going to spend all time chatting about my ”interesting condition” and will continue sharing that little trip we had last to last week in photos and short comments to them. By the way recently I got to know that vacations a couple takes during pregnancy is called "babymoon" :) Well, so here are pics from our babymoon.
Another morning at Palolem beach - gorgeous view just as soon as you wake up. Calm sea in the morning and not hot yet. I even had to put on some thin stall.
 However we knew we had to leave all these the next day - this view and surroundings which became so close to our heart. This very beach we used to go to swim to every morning and evening...
Our friends, with whom we went, offered us to go to another beach in South Goa - Agonda. For that we rented two scooters and drove away for search of new adventures. The road was pleasant ,and you wouldn't feel those +33 C degrees while going by scooter. Yes we were that adventurous, especially me and my also expecting friend. Don't judge :)
We liked this "Amazon" river we passed by on the way to Agonda.
Agonda itself was quite a silent place, and you could see there mostly older people, sitting in the cafes and sipping tea, coffee and other drinks.We had pleasant swimming there though and... headed to another beach Kola, suggested by our new friends from Belorussia who also lived at Sai Valentine's beach huts.
I must admit we almost regretted going there, because the road, going left from the main way, was simply horrible! I was so afraid for our baby, and for us that we would puncture the tyre and will have to walk or worse will fall from the scooter on that rocky and dusty road. But circumstances were merciful. And Kola met us with this incredible view. We tried to swim there, but waves were too strong and high we had to withdraw from there.
The opposite was this water line - truly exotic! 
 Way back from Kola was same horrible, but we overcame this obstacle and safely reached our darling beach huts... and then another sunset at Palolem...dinner on the very seashore... We were really sad, especially my D, who liked that place so much, we couldn't leave it all and couldn't decide whether we  stay for one more day, but
 The next day we took up another journey - to the North Goa! This rooster's voice I heard one morning at Palolem... Bye bye! See you!
We were quite tired after going from South Goa to North. It was hot, car was without AC, and by the time we reached the place we felt like we will not go ANYWHERE! But this new scene, view of Little Vagator beach, lifted up our mood and gave another boost of energy. Here is the hotel we stayed in - Oltramarino. An Italian one, more expensive than those lovely beach huts, but located in one of the most peaceful parts of North Goa, which otherwise is famous for its night life, psychedelic parties and of flocks holidaying Russians!
That small bamboo hut with red roof, last from the right, was ours. 
Soon I am going to share what I crocheted these days – not much, but I am slowly coming out of crochet and blog blocks.
I am also worried for my crafty part of life after the major event – will I have time for this, will I be able to spare few minutes for blog and crochet in a day? Will I be one of those worn out moms, with always puffy eyes and fatigue because of the lack of sleep or will be a happy mom with rosy cheeks and lips and overall pretty... Let’s see. At least now I try to look good, and be in a good mood and smile more. I am also happy to get job I desired for long – to be a translator. Besides I am able to earn some additional money which will be much needed soon.
Till my next appearance in blogger, I wish you to stay safe and warm (or cool) wherever you are! Love and blessings to all!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Relaxing Days - Goa, Palolem Beach Part 2

Our next morning at Palolem beach was as bright as the beach huts we stayed in. They were called Sai Valentines, Sai meaning Saint in Hindi as a combination Sai Baba and Saint Valentine. What an invention! hehe :) We used to adore this view with bushy palm trees at the back.
Here is the first hut we got - colorful, simple, perfect for seaside vacations. We tried to lie in hammock too, but it wasn't comfortable to get out of it.
Of course that one of the main aims of ours was to SWIM! I was taught swimming by my parents when I was small, my D learnt swimming himself about 2 years ago, going to the swimming lessons in early morning, 5 am! I am happy that he got such determination to do it! So we enjoyed warm water of the sea immensely... amazing experience, so much of joy.
I couldn't stop from collecting few seashells - one of the beauties of the sea. Now I regret I didn't get more of them, but may be next time.
After pleasant water procedures we were very hungry and wen tin search of breakfast. On the way I took the picture of the ad board - 80 % written in Russian! For those who are not aware, Goa is an abode, for some a sanctuary, of Russians! I was so happy to see many of such boards, menus and other written words  in Russian there. 
Finally we settled in one of the cafes with a wonderful sea view just in front of your eyes. That morning we felt we were taking a long awaited rest. I was so happy sitting there and doing particularly nothing!
Our breakfast arrived - it was yumm! My D had English style, I - Spanish style breakfast as they call it. Don't know whether they actually look like this, but it didn't matter as soon as we liked what we got!
 Then we had a walk back to our huts. There were many boats on the shore at that time of the day, later fisher men would rule them to the sea to catch seafood for restaurant dinners.
 As I had mentioned already, Goa has strong Christian influence and here we found small church facing the sea.
 Goa has MANY dogs who keep on lying here and there on the sand and then ask for food from tourists in the cafes. But this one was a dog of an Indian woman who used to come every morning to clean this sand and if needed, hotel rooms.
 Time flew while we were relaxing and feeling happy to be in such a beautiful place. The sunset at the sea is a special one... I love this pinkish sky and other people in no hurry.
In the evening we again went to try out local eating points and the moon, which turned this way in India, was the witness of our happiness. The next day was going to be not less great but even adventurous.
Good night, my friends and I appreciate your kind comments and wishes! Blessings and hugs to all of you!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Goa Vacations Part 1 - Just Arrived

I cannot tell you (and you must be knowing yourself) that it is such a special feeling when your dreams come true. After living in North India for 4 years, I finally reached another part of it - West India, state Goa with a capital Panjim or Panaji, washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea. Remember, in one of my posts I displayed a mug with "Goa" written on it as a projection of my dream? :) Now here it is materialized, and I am so happy to share my latest trip impressions with all  of you. 
There is something I haven't yet told you about, my friends, yet, and this something also played role in taking up that decision. A little more than 3 months ago we got to know that we would become parents! Unexpected, unplanned, somehow shocking, surprising were first feelings we had. Then we took it as a nature's gift, its blessing, and since then all our thoughts and deeds are towards this big for our lives event. 
So, we made this trip because we thought we deserved it and it would be good to have some break from routine and give rest to your bodies and minds before we get too busy :) ( And I am too big to fly far, lol).
Meanwhile... we arrived at Dabolim Airport, Goa, last to last Sunday. It was afternoon, around 4 pm and the first thing we had to do is to remove our jackets and change shoes to slippers! Vacations began! We went to Goa with our friends - a couple who are also expecting their first child almost same time as we.
We headed to the South Goa first, planning to spend half of our vacations, living on the Palolem beach there. On the way from the airport we witnessed various views, nature scenes altering with the urban. The first feature of Goa you notice is loads of palm trees everywhere!
Second - no busy roads and very simple surroundings.
Third - many churches, chapels, built during Portuguese influence times. Also many houses, big and small, fazenda type, built by same Portuguese, you don't feel you are in India at all as architecture overall is not Indian.
The crosses were towering above all the churches and stands just right on the side of the road - very strong Christian spirit.
And beautiful government buildings. This one is the South Goa District Headquarters.
My D captured some scenery  of local life - a woman selling utensils beside the road. Her daily deal and means of living. 
Loved our way - I will remember these views forever!
By the time the sun was setting and when we arrived to our beach huts, it was already twilight. 
However we dropped the baggage in the room and hurried to see the Arabian Sea for the first time in our life! Pictures are blurred but it is exactly how we saw Palolem beach in the twilight - people walking, some swimming, first evening lights and promise of a great time ahead! We could breath in the air of relaxation, love and joy.
The hut we stayed in (exterior pictures in next post) had a mosquito net. I always wanted to sleep under such.

Later, when we changed our clothes to more appropriate and beach-like, we made our way along the seashore, which had endless row of various cafes and restaurants to suit any taste.
The night market at Palolem which we visited few times afterwards.
We finally chose one restaurant called "Cafe Del Mar" and had delicious seafood dinner with a sea view in front of our table. 
That's all for now and soon I hope to find time to proceed and show what else we found in Goa last week :) Today I am still under impression of this beautiful state which has so much to offer. Today we went to office first time after we came back and I must say it was a tough day! We both were loaded with work straight away, but now we have that corner in our hearts where we will be coming back to again and again and recollecting those precious days we spent together, almost 24*7 :)
Hope you liked these selection of pictures and I will prepare more next time. Thanks for staying with me, dear friends! Have a wonderful day ahead wherever you are!
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