Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

It has finally arrived, one of the most fun holidays in a whole year, and this year also marked by the 13th number :) I was not able to give proper time to Halloween preparations, but still have hope to have a little pumpkin today evening, my D promised to get it for me. Also I planned to crochet cat's ears on a hair rim a long time ago, which is going to be a part of a costume of course. Perhaps and may be I will do this in the evening. For the time being I am combining my love for cats and Halloween in this glittering card and wishing you
Happy Halloween, my dears!
Thanks so much for your praising, kind comments on my previous post, love to all!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wednesday Blanket Update - Beating The Ailment

I am happy to be back here...again. I don't know what exactly happened, but October brought me certain health issues. In my last about drawstring bag I mentioned that I was not feeling well. Little I knew back then that I was going to spend next two weeks at home, curing... chicken pox! At this age (I am 26) it was a very tough experience, but I am completely fine and back to office, though had to spend few more days at home due to flue I got straight after first recovery. Well, I am a strong girl, and I got good support from my family in India and Kazakhstan. Thanks to them!
The only pleasant thing in past two weeks was that I had given attention to my blanket! I couldn't decide whether I shall do this post or wait till I have that "ta-dah" moment. But, ok, you, my dears, already saw the blanket many times, and updating the progress for my own record will not do any harm, isn't it? To the deal.
Does it actually burst with colors into your eyes? I love HOW colorful it is coming along, and this is the effect I didn't expect. When I bought those 6 skeins, they didn't promise to be that variegated looking together. When you look at the blanket from the top, it seems a chaotic arrangement of the blocks, however you notice the certain pattern - alternation of the blocks in each round.
 As I had told you before, I used slip stitch method of joining and it looks this way from the back side. I still have to trim and weave few ends, and give a border to overall product. Aww, I cannot believe I am SO close to accomplishing this huge (for me) project!My husband seeing me with a pile of blanket on my laps, while I was sewing the blocks, said that this is so much of hard work. Yes, it is, but very pleasant kind of hard work. My D also asked me whether we can use the blanket in winter any time soon... :) If free time is on my side, we will have this soft yarny creation by the mid of November maximum. And then I will head to the making of a throw, consisting of 9 big squares. I even chose the colors already, crazy me, but will limit myself only up to maximum of 4 of them.
 My beauty, waiting to be "whole" in a few days. What would you suggest about lining it? Shall I go for flannel fabrics? Or shall I leave the blanket purely made of yarn? It is coming to be pretty heavy, and I am concerned that it might get stretched with use. As you see the blanket most probably will not be hanging from the sides, our bed is really very broad, and I don't wan tot give too wide border. Like this, it will probably cover only the top surface, anyway I don't think I'll be using as a bed cover much. I wish we had a trailer to take this blankie with us to travels and cozy up the atmosphere there :)
Tomorrow is All Hallows eve, unfortunately I didn't decorate the house that much as last year, plus I am not able to find half of the things I made. I hope to get a pumpkin at least and carve a jack-o-lantern. Diwali, an Indian festival of lights is on 4th of November, so we will be celebrating it too. After that I will start preparing for New Year and Christmas, and miss my home a lot...
Have a wonderful day, my dears! Thanks for your support and encouragement, and welcome to my new followers! I appreciate you find my blog worth reading :)
P.S. Yesterday I published the Raffled Rastafarian Doily pattern on Ravelry, have a look, if you are interested. Honestly, the pattern might have errors, so testing required. 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pumpkin Drawstring Bag - Two in One

If you couldn't reach my previous post (thanks Jojo!), I apologize for that as I played with my blog settings yesterday. Now it is working in normal mode, and I have something to share with you. First of all, I am staying at home today as I have fallen ill a little, and  have plenty of time to do my favorite things, one of which is of course, crochet. My Autumn/Halloween preparations have been pending for long and it is high time to start it. First I thought of making an amigurumi pumpkin, but somehow was not satisfied with this idea, when I suddenly got inspired to crochet a cute pumpkin drawstring bag you see below - two in one! I used my own drawstring bag pattern and slightly modified it - it is shorter now and non-stripy :) 
 I was very pleased with how it turned out as the ribbon I bought just two days ago appeared to be so suitable for pumpkin design! I filled this bag with my jewelry and miscellaneous things, and it lifts up my mood every time I open the cupboard. I might prepare a pattern for the same if I have enough time, otherwise cannot promise even to myself.
I found nice shabby settings for a photo shoot at our backyard - some old chairs. This bag made my day, and I love the orange and green together! I wonder if it'll look this way in yellow color, as I want to make more of such bags as gifts. 
Time flies and it seems like whatever you plan stays a plan only. We are in the middle of October already, just two and a half months till new year! I am half way through with my blanket and I have big expectations for myself by the end of this month. Let's see.
I hope that those living on the Eastern Coast of India, manage to be safe, as the tropical cyclone Phailin hits that area today. It is a super cyclone which waves will be felt up to North India, so we await storms here as well. Even today the weather is significantly cooler. I am sending blessings to all of you, my friends! Be safe! ( and sorry for being bad with comments recently, I promise to catch up with all of you soon).

Friday, 11 October 2013

Cheshire Heart and Goa Mug

Don't trust the pictures below, they were taken last weekend, and the weather is finally turning towards to what is supposed be autumn here. Today morning was gloomy, windy and in anticipation of some nice rain. Just like me. No, I am not gloomy but opposite, and I have some nice plans for today evening, as I've got a chance (yey!) to spend it with myself, what happens quite rarely. Though I'd prefer to spend it with my D too, it cannot happen due to an important (of course) monthly meeting they hold at his work place. So here I will be crocheting, cooking a little, watching something or reading.
Last Sunday I made a Cheshire heart for a friend of mine I got to know through the internet over 3 years ago when searching for information about India and relationships issues with Indians... :) hehe, I know, so I found a blog which gave me a clear picture, without hiding anything and at the same time telling interesting things about this country.Can you imagine I finally met its author here in our city! She came to India again to travel with her little son, and I couldn't invent a better present for her rather than the hand made heart, considering that she needed something light in weight to carry along all her journeys. Made with love to spread love and joy. The girl also did a photo shoot for me and my D :) The second one we get as a gift from our friend!
I couldn't find proper light for long time, and particularly like this photo of the heart among my garden's savage greenery.
If  you have never heard of Goa, it is a smallest state of India famous for its beaches and New Year Carnival, and is a former Portuguese province. It is one of my dream destinations too, as I have never been there in more than 3 years of life in India! So this cup could be a projection of my dream, as visualized it is more likely to come true, isn't it? We bought it at a local fair last Saturday. With the thoughts of the beaches and ocean, I continue my day and wishing you to have a nice one wherever you are, my dears! Peace \/ ! Have a wonderful weekend as well!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Snow White Pinafore, Savage Greenery and Broomsticks on the Bayou

Hello, dears! I am surprisingly fast with the second post this week, and it means that there is something to show. Last week I had lovely time crocheting my first ever baby clothing item - a pinafore. First I had to see the meaning of it, sorry for my lack of knowledge of English words. When I got it I realized that I used to wear white cotton (or lacy) "pinafore" in my elementary school, accompanied by brown woolen dress as a compulsory uniform in then-soviet schools. It was not exactly pinned but tied up behind in a bow and had same kind of "wings" like this one, which is called Angel Wings Pinafore, and the pattern is so easy to follow!
My version however didn't look angelic to me and I preferred calling it a Snow white pinafore. Not sure what I will be doing with it now, may be will leave it for myself(for future you know). I also was planning to make some baby hats, caps and so forth as a part of charity crochet. I hope I find time to implement this plan.
The heart shaped buttons from a local sewing shop went so well with the colors of the pinafore. I couldn't find better place for taking photos as our backyard with all its imperfection. The light was nevertheless perfect for revealing of the colors. How do you like the red?
Oh yes, and here is a savage part - out backyard during the last weekend rain. You cannot see here but that curry tree in the left corner became so bushy and was wildly swinging in that weather.
A tiny bit of garden update - once again beans win the race! Honestly, the best plant to grow here!
When me and my D came back from Kazakhstan in August, I noticed a tiny plant was put in soil, now it made its way up. Please tell me what plant is this? Its leaves resemble bean ones. I hope it would be blossoming some day...
My garden overall is not in a very good condition now, it used to rain here regularly and the soil is just so wet and hard after it. Not sure that the fennel I sowed will grow fine. Also October doesn't feel like October. everything is green and lush. Today I got news from my Dad that there was first SNOW in my native city. How do you like this? 
I urgently need to get my blogging mood back, hence I will start preparing for a Broomsticks on the Bayou blog party organized by Anna at Frosted Petunias and Marfi at Incipient Wings. You can join too. We all have something to say ;)
Heading towards weekend and wishing you all to have a pleasant one! Hearty thanks for all your nice comments, I LOVE reading them and replying!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tourism Week - Coffee Festival, 3D Art Exhibition

We are on the verge of Autumn I believe. Why not sure about it is simply because the temperatures still raise above +30, and occasional rains are the traces of the monsoon season, which was supposed to end by now. I do like the weather in Chandigarh in the last couple of days, which makes strolls much more enjoyable. Last weekend the whole our family (me, my D and in-laws) went out to have a look at what was happening at the Tourism Week. One of the proposed events was the 3D art exhibition at the bank of Sukhna Lake. Here are some of the exhibits.
Open Hand - a symbol of Chandigarh city invented by its creator Le Corbusier. I liked the colors of this composition.
Another Open Hand sculpture in a shape of a boat.
A peacock installation. Very creative.
Some kind of 3D figure with bits of glass hung inside it.
A closer look of the same. This part of Tourism week was quite interesting and new to the citizens. A sit was Sunday the lake's bank was way too crowded, what I didn't like, as you were not able to walk properly there.
However I shall disappoint you regarding the International Coffee festival. Perhaps we were late arriving there, but it was not at all that great as the posters all over the city promised. When we came in the hotel where the festival was held, the interior and arrangements were encouraging. The flags of Ethiopia, Turkey and other countries-producers of coffee welcomed the guests.
I was totally wow at the view of the hall... and a giant cup of coffee in the middle of it!
Sip, sip... will be enough for the weeks to come! We proceeded to the room where the coffee was supposed to be coffee tasting.. . buts they said that "it finished yesterday" though festival days were from 28 to 30 f September. I don't know may be coffee itself finished... So overall it looked like a simple cafe, where you could order coffee and snacks. Me and my D honestly hoped for a better presentation of countries and their products, for better information on the event schedule and so on. We wished that the event was more eventful.
So mainly our Sunday walk was done by car as we kept on moving from one place to another. Later on in the evening we indulged in favorite things - reading,  crochet, TV watching. My D lately has been deciding about his career prospects and planning to do some good short term course. I also have plans for a better job in India, and recently applied for PIO card (Person of Indian Origin card) which would give me much more opportunities and would raise hopes for finally finding my place in this country.  
I hope all of you are doing fine, and my American friends were not affected by government shut down much. I wish things get better soon for everyone, as you know the whole world is interconnected, so are we.
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