Saturday, 25 January 2014

Winter Holidays - 4 Years in India

Hello, friends! I am here, I am always here :) I found time (and ok, let's be honest, wish) to blog! I got caught up with my new job and other events in life so much that blogging, unfortunately, went on the background.
First, I hope you all had happy and enjoyable winter holidays. I had rather good, with gifts and New year tree, and lights. There is a Santa under the tree which I bought in India, when celebrating my second new year here. Very cute, and I haven't seen such since.
 This year we bought some more tree ornaments, but I didn't make any new myself. Also I wanted to have lights on my tree for a long time, and this year we got it too! I LOVE these lights! Now as the holidays passed by, I put the same lights in our room, my D loves it too :)
This little Santa I bought in Moscow, 4 years ago. I also bought 4-5 more of them in different colors, one travelled with me to India.
 This Santa was purchased in my city, just before I went to India (4 years ago too). So basically I have 3 Santas with me every year, more to come? :)
Sorry, it is just a quick post, I gotta go somewhere, it is Saturday! Yey!
Love you all and wish you a splendid weekend!!!
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