Friday, 10 June 2016

Difficulties, Discoveries and Dreams

Hello my dear friends! The week has come to its logical end... the working week though :P The weekend is yet to begin. Yey! After my last complaint about unbearably hot weather in our city, the sky has had mercy on me and others, and we have been having rains and clouds on and off since then.  I cannot tell how exhausted I was in the past few weeks. Physically and mentally. But things seems getting more clear and resolving at last.
Oh yea, so what difficulties were (are) there that I had to mention them in the title? Many many things going on here currently. And nothing, what I learn again and again, is obtained with ease, especially, when this is something very important to you. We had to deal with loads of bureaucracy, paper work, calls, e-mails, calls again, e-mails again... We had lack of sleep, preparing for something, we had few arguments too and nice talks as well.
Dream keeper by Whimsical dreams
About discoveries now... We had to learn things about each other,something which may not have showed up in other situation. For example, I appeared to be very hesitant in talking to people, asking them something... D appeared to be rather impatient if things go not the way he wants. And much more I guess. The fact is that unless we started some important process in our lives we would have never got so many chances to sit and talk and discuss, and laugh, and encourage each other. We are nearing our 6th marriage anniversary - still so much to explore! We also had to discover that not all those who call themselves your "friends" are indeed "friends". Some events show their true face, true thoughts, true intentions. It is sad but angers me too. However I let it go... I understood that family is most reliable and most valuable in my life.
In addition to discoveries, I had to take a help from one of my university teachers in Moscow and coordinate things with her. Besides the fact that she was the only one who decided to help me and knew what exactly had to be done, she also appeared to be a blogger, and I enjoyed reading her insights in her personal life, her professional endeavors, and, most interesting, her poetry... How exciting it is that we discover something like this about persons who we seemed to  know but actually never had a chance to know better.
Ah well... and dreams. They are big, fat, promising, hopeful, and happy. We really expect that they realize as soon as possible.

I hope that everything is fine in your corner of the world, and that you also have dreams which keep you going...

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