Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A Privet from My Parents

Hello dears!!! I am not going to start with apologies and explanations of my absence. For some reason life has become really really busy here. My only nook these days is chatting with parents. Because it is a spring time there in cold Kazakhstan, the images of blooming trees and strikingly green leaves make my heart long for home more these days. Especially when Celsius hits here in India the mark of more than +40, the freshness of the views from a native land is precious. Today presenting a quick and easy on the eye post :) Enjoy!
The apple tree, this year is strewn with flowers. I never get a chance to visit dacha during this time of the year.
 The blooming cherry bushes. The white flowers reflect the sunlight. Cherry grows just next to the pine trees there - doubtful neighbourhood but they have managed for the past few years this way.
 The row of pine trees on the left - my parents are particularly proud of them,
 The same pine trees have given peculiar flowers too, hence there will be pine cones afterwards!
I am sorry I couldn't make a post about Moscow visit last year, let's see if I will be able to find time for this, otherwise, will try to provide more of recent photos :)
Have a nice and fresh new day ahead!

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