Monday, 31 December 2012

Have a Happy 2013 Year :)

Pretty shaken up by the last events here in India, you must have heard about, I've almost lost all my holiday mood. Really, it's so hard to believe that life is beautiful when you actually witness its ugliness. I wish all such things just stopped happening, people became kind to each other at least, if not loving each other. 
However, we can't stop living and celebrating ... and creating. I must say that crocheting really supported me these days as many of you know, it gives peace and order to thoughts and calms you down. I wish all the world would start crocheting, knitting, paper crafting and so on. This would have made people much better.
To carry on with holidays, here are some things which made my days happier, in spite of anything. First, presenting so called ego-project I managed accomplish in between all other. My first crochet bolero shrug. The pattern is by Cindy Coleman you can find here. It appeared to be perfect for the first ever attempt of crocheting the clothing. I modified it slightly in border part and made it broader. Also added border to the sleeves.

The shell stitch is used for the shrug's main parts - back and front.

These two also cheered my up when they came out from the hook :) I'm gifting them tonight to our friends.
linked to the Crochet Boulevard
 Yesterday's evening had some surprise for me. We went to the local fair. Not even thinking of purchasing books there, I found these two on sale! I was so happy and couldn't stop saying this to my husband. One book "The Romanov Bride" (by Robert Alexander) caught my eye because of its heading. We payed only 20 rupees (about 0.37 dollars!) for absolutely new edition!
 The second book made my heart melt. "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" by L. Frank Baum, illustrated by Charles Santore. You see why I grabbed it straight away when I saw it. The story itself and the illustrations are amazing! I was more than happy to have these two books in my possession now:)
I'm not going to make any list of 2012 achievements and mile stones, they were there, but I simply want to wish everyone a Happy 2013 Year! May your families be healthy, happy and live in peace and joy!

Happy New Year from my snow buddies too:)

Friday, 28 December 2012

Holiday Mood Crochet Bookmarks and a Rose Brooch

Hello, dear friends! Christmas was successful for all of you, judging by your homely, happy posts about celebrations. May it be like this always:) We also had a nice Christmas, though I'm the only Christian in the family (and also an Orthodox). It was pretty cold, foggy and chilled when we went to the church  in the evening. All our family lit candles to honor Jesus and pray for our health, however I really don't know whether it is enough just to lit a candle... Because my FIL fell ill just 2 days after this. Nevertheless, we believe, that God will make things all right. We need to believe because we need support.
Well, away from philosophical mood to real deals. These are other crochet bookmarks I gifted to my friends. It's so easy and fast to make them - perfect for the last minute gifts.  I think I need one too:). I might post some pics we took on Christmas day as to show you how it's celebrated in India. Hope, it' s not too late for this update.
This is a small ego-crocheting project from that new yarn I bought. I made a rose brooch, which will be attached with a safety pin. It'll add some color to my new grey cardigan. The background is a much bigger ego-crochet project, it's completed and ready to have a photo session any time soon I get good light (the sun seems to be abandoning us these days). 
I found this yarn looking pretty in combination with white one. I literally fell in love with this orange sparkly yarn and want to buy more of it for some good crocheting time. I'll be back soon with some more holiday posts.
Have a great weekend ahead and a happy coming up New Year! 

Monday, 24 December 2012

*** Merry Christmas 2012! С Рождеством Христовым! ***

I wish you and my family (of course) a Merry Christmas!
Thanks for all your kind wishes and comments throughout my blog land journey. I'm happy to gain so many new friends from all over the world and share holiday happiness with all of you. :) 
Here is the Christmas tree in my office, decorated by me and my Singaporean friend. I would like you to know that as soon as I'm an Orthodox Christian, our church celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January, so don't be sad when 25th passes by, we will honour the birth of Christ again soon :)
These are some Christmas presents I gifted last Saturday :) A heart bookmark.
A Christmas doily.
And a ruffle lotus doily! More gifts to come. I'm also doing some "ego-crocheting" (means, for myself :) which I can't wait to accomplish and show you!

*** Merry Christmas! *** С Рождеством! ***

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Indian Winter and Snug Things

My questioning mood has passed by, I can't think too much about things I don't understand.May be it's not required. So I'm just trying to dive into my sunny winter days again...with many pictures this time! 
Indian winter reminds me my native country's warm autumn... Cloudy sky, some trees' leaves gained the autumn colors . The tree in front of our house changes its attire according to the season, unlike other, green all year long.
We had another homely weekend. Indian cardamon tea and some tasty crackers are the best to keep warm in a cold house.
My husband got these socks cum shoes from his mum and can't spend his evenings without them now. Our heater is "on" too; we like the kind of light it gives.
Of course, Indian winter can't be spent without light and fragrances. Mmm, lemon grass!
The tree was established on Sunday. I'm planning to get some lights for it as well.  I bought that small Santa from my university's shop in Moscow, there are more of them at my parents' place. Now I have a piece of memories on my New Year tree..
And Ta-dah! The ripple baby blanket is ready. It took me quite a while to weave the ends. Baby boy was born on the 10th of December, so now we need to think of the option of delivering the blanket to his parents as they live in another city :) I know it needs to be altered and may be steam ironed.
More... some new yarn from the Indian brand Vardhman. Pretty colors, smooth thread, and I have a project in my mind to use it for. 
These were some moments of the past weekend. I'm grateful being able to have peaceful and snug time with my D. 
Have a great cozy day!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Our Life

I watched the movie Life of Pi almost two weeks ago, I liked it a lot because of the special affects and the plot itself of course.  Today I was reminded about it, but the post is not about the movie and somehow I was not planning telling anything like this today. Yet, in the face of so many bad events around the world, all the news we hear and we get terrified of... I  ask, whether God allows all this to happen if he is up there, and if yes, then why?
The "Life of Pi" had its explanation. This boy, sitting in the boat of life, lost his parents and his brother in the storm, when  the ship, which was taking them  from India towards better life in Canada, sank... Pi (boy's name) survived juts to find himself in a boat surrounded by the wild animals from the same ship. In the end its only he and the tiger left, and in spite of their constant fight for being supreme, they finally unite in order to live further... not knowing if there is an end to this situation ever.
The grown up Pi says that this adventure proved that God exists. However I ask again why one has to suffer in order to remove all the doubts? Why did this imaginative boy have to lose all his family to finally believe... ? I am also referring to the last horrible REAL events in Connecticut and many other which had happened before, here and there...Why? I personally have no answer and I'd not like to make anyone upset, it just disturbs me.
The peaceful scenes from the movie are fascinating and meditative. Our life is not always such, nonetheless.
Sending all the warmth and good wishes to all of you and may your days be easygoing, jolly and beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas/Yule/ or any winter holiday you celebrate!

P.S. The movie is based on the book with same name "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Branch Of Snowflakes

I was pretty much excited to show you this project. I understand that it is very simple at the same time, but I was very happy to make it. So here is my winter holidays (праздники – pra'zdniki) decoration. It's important to note that it is cheap and quick to make. Perhaps I needed to add some other ornaments to it, or ribbon bows, or make smaller snowflakes, nevertheless I like it the way it is. 
To tell the truth, that was my husband's idea to keep this wine bottle for "something"... This something has now obtained a holiday look and serves as a vase for a branch of snowflakes. I picked up the branch near by our house, painted it gold and added some glitter on the tips. 
I was inspired by Matilda's wonderful photography of her handmade items and decided to take pictures in a similar way. It looks cozy and mystic, doesn't it? 
First such attempt of DIY decor went fine. We can enjoy its coziness and dream of such winter (зима - zima') which, for example, Diana has in her city now :) Thanks to all for lovely, inspiring comments and for taking interest in my sunny/cloudy/cold days.
P.S. Following few suggestions/requests of my dear blogger friends, I will starts teaching some Russian words and expressions in my posts. Today's are holidays related. Hope you enjoy!
                               праздник/праздники – pra'zdnik/pra'zdniki - holiday/holidays
                                                                зима - zima' - winter
                                                                 снег - sne'k - snow
Новый Год – No'vii got. – New Year
Рождество - Rajdestvo' - Christmas 
С Новым Годом! – S No'vim go'dam! – Happy New Year!
С Рождеством! – S Razhdestvo'm! – Merry Christmas! 

Notes:   '  - stress marker
           some sounds was difficult to convey through signs, but I tried to :)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Snowflakes, Drawstring Bags and Yellow Doily

Yesterday morning the sky looked like this. It rained and made the air so chilled. What I am not looking forward is fog... When it's foggy here, you feel more cold and gloomy. Well, sunny days  sometimes turn to cloudy in India too; it's around + 18 in the day time and + 9 in the evening. However, there are always advantages of such weather. I can wear my autumn coats, hats, gloves and shawls now! It feels good for a change ;).
Now let me share some of my latest crochet creations, not all of them have been captured on camera. I made my first crochet snowflakes. There are so many patterns available! These I made with the pattern Snowflake Tree Decoration from the site CoatsCrafts. I stiffened them with fevicol (white glue) and water solution.
I hung this one above our bed, but then placed it somewhere else.  I'm going to show in the next post what I finally used these snowflakes for.
One of the Christmas gifts I wasn't sharing for a long time. I think I can do it now. These drawstring crochet bags are based on the first drawstring bag I made. I even tried to write a pattern and posted it on Ravelry here. It might need testing though.
 I made this yellow doily plus to those Christmas/New Year gifts. The pattern is called Gemstone Doily. I added two more rounds to make it larger. I like how it turned out with this yarn. (It's left over yarn from my ripple baby blanket). Don't know yet whether I'm going to gift it or use it myself :).
That's all for now, and I can't wait to post some beautiful pictures of the project I completed yesterday. Have a great day ahead and enjoy holiday time!
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