To-Do List of Crafty Things

Yea, that's right, need to organize myself to actually finish the projects and to put the new ones on the list. I am incorporating it in my blog so that I can check it anytime and feel guilty about unaccomplished things.


1. Waffle stitch dining set for A (four coasters, ad ,a small table mat). - one coaster and a mat are made. But not going to try waffle stitch again.
2. Quiet book for A - need to add some more activities in it.
3. Crochet Owl. Want to write a pattern for it.
4. Cape for Little A's Halloween costume - which when the day came he simply refused to wear! Hopefully he will change his mind next year :)
5. Crochet Owl Pouch with lining.
6. A crochet Bear Cap for little A - lovely , he looks cute in it.
2. Jeans and a T-shirt upcycled clutch (purse) - yey, I finished it, though not sure when or where I am going to use it.

In progress:

1. Felt Russian Doll in progress. 

To finish (long on-going projects):
1. Neon baby blanket (started more than a year ago, huh) - not going to finish it. Will make a long pillow case instead.
2. Lavender blanket - planning to make 25 squares in total. 16 squares have been made. Deadline - shifted to December. Apparently, there are many side projects I indulge in :P

Want to make:

1. Traditional Russian dolls - Stolbushka.
2. Christmas Gnomes from old clothes.

All the very best to me!


  1. Great to hv a to do list always.. Hope to see pics of all these finished soon on blog :) good luck Anna..

    1. Yea, I would love to see this too :))lol.


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