Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Borovoe: a lake and a home stay

   Wish I could make posts faster... hehe :) So many pictures are still waiting to be released! Well, I will try to tell a story further then. This time I am going to show our first day in Borovoe. One of my wishes, when I came home was... to swim! Almost anywhere possible... but Borovoe lake was so incredible treat for me!

A view of a beach.

 It is a wonderful combination of nature - hills and water! Look to the left and...

look to the right and ...

 look down into the clean water... 

 and above the lake waves!
Don't you yet want to swim? ;)
This wood cut image is placed near the lake. I guess, she is Panacea, a Greek goddess of universal remedy. Her image was established there because Borovoe was always one of the favorite places for sanatorium treatments of many health problems.

        Now I'd like to show where we actually stayed. It was a quiet, home like place where we always settle during Borovoe visit.
A garden path leading to the small cottage we stayed in.

 Some flowers of the garden: marigold.


A beautifully painted pot in Russian style with a common character of Russian folklore Firebird.
The hosts have built this summer house recently. It is enjoyable to sit there among the pine trees!
 The summer house has a waving wild cucumber plant which covers one side from the sun. I was fascinated with the color of the leaves...

and the fruit it produces!

   A cat Barsik lying on the bench and lazily posing for my camera. Since the time my old cat died, I am missing cats' company a lot, so I catch any opportunity to pat a cat :)

This is for another blog of mine - a broomstick of the hostess :) 

             The picture below is Russian banya's (sauna) roof with a smoking chimney. It can be upto 90 C degree inside banya!

           A bird's house on one of the pine trees. The host takes care of nature.

So, this is how out first day passed by, a slow and an active at the same time: enjoying swimming, walking, sitting outside, talking and laughing and, of course, taking pictures! I hope that the post wasn't too long. 
Thanks for all your comments and suggestions!

*** Have a great time wherever you are!***

Sunday, 29 July 2012

A piece of my country - Borovoe

     Clouds, forests, grass, stones, water, sand, flowers... and much more! I have had an awesome trip with my parents to the north of my city. I made loads of lovely photos during  five days of unforgettable meeting with nature and hope you'd like them too. Two years back me and my husband went to visit the same places. This year, if you remember, I am visiting my parents without him :(
    First we went to the township in the North of Kazakhstan called Borovoe. It is famous for it's diverse landscape as it has hills and valleys and also many lakes thrown all over the territory.
    Our way kept along the broad highway.The North of Kazakhstan mainly has a plain landscape and the area is called steppe. However, when you start heading towards Borovoe, you can see a rapid change in the sceneries: more and more trees are coming your way and then they form thick forests standing one behind another.

First sign of a landscape change - low hills and sparse trees.
The road was pleasant indeed!
We took a short break among the forests.
I took many pictures from the moving car, and, oh my, I love the one below!
We stopped at this point, I couldn't resist to click these. The sky was amazing that day!
It seemed the road had no end!
You can notice the shapes of Borovoe hills hidden in some haze - we were close to our final destination.
Approaching the city Shuchinsk on the way. 
Simply some houses. I liked them!
Entering Borovoe. Hello, forest! I have finally met you after so long! 
This is how my trip has began. I have many more pictures to show and tell about. I am going to take you to the lake, to the forest and to a Russian village later on!
***Have a great week ahead!***

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Parents' dacha - the colors of nature

   Today I am going to present you a piece of my childhood, a piece of my culture and a piece of a land, where my parents grow amazing flowers and vegetables, and where you can enjoy the true colors of nature. Me and my parents spent a great weekend at dacha! Dacha means freedom, sun, fresh air, loads of space and beautiful plants for me and you have already "heard" this word from me here and here.
  A little dissapoinment was when my camera discharged right in the middle of me taking the photos. Hence I am showing all the things my parents planted in another post :)
  took the picture below when we just arrived at dacha last Saturday. It was around seven in the evening but it was still hot and sunny. I loved how my parents made this flowerbed round the house. I feel so much cozy looking at it, though it's not perfect and our house needs load of care... I still love it all so much!
My Mum's pride is this Geranium. The flowers are like a bunch of tiny red roses.
The decorative bean plant grows on the strings, when you turn round the corner.
When you move a little further, there are bluetts, which are blue and light pink. Hope I took this flower name correctly in English. In Russian they are called "Vasiljok" (Василёк).
 These flowers below are pansies of  course, in Russian they are called "Anuta's eyes" (Анютины глазки) as seems like they look at you! Don't they? ;)
My parents grow not only cute flowers, but "serious" plants too! hehe
When the camera was completely "dead", I somehow squeezed the last drop of charge from the battery...  You see yourself, such beauty could't have been ignored by me!
The redcurrant berries are transparent in the sun.
The beans
A watermelon which will ripen by the month of September 
 A squash. My Mum always has loads of it and makes tasty dacha style dishes with it :)
Hope you liked being at dacha and I am going to take you there soon again :)
***Have a nice week full of positive colors!***

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Bliss of Being Home

    After the winter trip to my parents,  I am back home again and I am happy. Thanks to my D, the most understanding and caring husband I could ever wish for. This time I went to my home country alone... and now I don't want it anymore, but only with my D. Together Always..remember? I am missing my husband a lot ...
    I arrived in Kazakstan today early morning. I had 3 flights in just 32 hours and was in 3 different airports of three different countries: India, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Too tired to make a long post so I'm just going to share some moments of the trip with you. Me and my D flew to Delhi from Chandigarh day before yesterday evening and then...
    India. The teddy bear I took with me is ready to start her first long journey, at Delhi International Airport visitor's area. Here, my D left for the bus to Chandigarh after few hours and I headed towards the check-in post.

Ukraine. Boryspol' Airport is the biggest international airport of the country.  I spent 11 hours there waiting for the flight to Astana. There are good facilties for long wait: free internet, cafes, duty free, rest rooms, but not possible to purchase a local SIM card, roaming is the only option.
The area for the transit passengers. Someone left a book for others. Good choice!
Looking out of the window. The sky .. oh, no words do describe, just look. 
The weather was nice, you can see from the picture.
Time pass with a book and a croissant.
 She was also eagerly waiting :)
Kazakhstan. Finally - a blissful early morning. It feels good to be back home.
   ***Have a great time with your families!***
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