Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tiny flowers of my garden

       Yesterday I went out at the back yard and saw them, little blossoms of summer. Tiny beauties which grow in our wild garden. They create the whole world, where fairies live and hide among tiny leaves and tiny petals :) This is a magic of nature, it shows up itself everywhere, creates life everywhere, because no one planted these flowers, they appeared on their own.
       I love these pink ones, they are too cute and too tiny, but nevertheless, beautiful.

    What about this yellow flower? It is also gorgeous in its way.

Here I played with the camera settings and I loved the result. It looks like a small forest to me, where tiny fairies live and dance.

 One more tiny beauty, it looks like a small chamomile.
That's what makes me feel dreamy too. Flowers. I love them!

***Have a super week ahead and try to find tiny beauties everywhere around you!***


  1. Hello and hope all is well with you. I like that you have a wild garden with such pretty little flowers. Does everything grow with the monsoon rain. It feels like we have had a monsoon here, so much rain in England.
    Have enjoyed seeing your crafty projects. Do you draw or paint?
    Thank you for visiting me.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment as well!:) Yes, here plants grow well when it rains as it was too hot just few days back, so I guess the plants are enjoying current weather. Yea, I've heard about the rain and floods in England, hope you and your family are fine.
      I wish I had a lil bit more time for all projects I want to do. Yea, I draw sometimes:)

      See you! Have a nice day!


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