Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dreamy Monsoon

          It is a monsoon season over here. Finally. Yea, we've been waiting for the rain for the whole May and June and hopefully it will be staying with us till August. I love the rain. I wrote about it in this post last year and how it reminded me about dacha...
        The rain makes me feel good and dreamy a little. I feel like reading fairy tales these days. I really do and I have read! By the way, while scrolling the Blogbuzz I have noticed that many blog posts' titles have the word "Fairy tale" in them! Everyone seems to be dreaming :) I am also feeling cozy while monsoon and I like eating such breakfast: roti with butter and jam and tea! It's yumm, you should try it.
     The monsoon sky looked like this today evening, but it started raining only 2 hours later. Aren't you feeling dreamy looking at these clouds clubbing there so high?  I am.

    What am I dreaming of?  ... Of the forest and I have continued my crochet picture project "The Russian forest". This is going to be canvas for the picture. I thought orange and brown would look good as a background for a forest theme as these colors are natural. I am again using acrylic yarn, it is great for making crochet home decor pieces.

                This is the half of the canvas, however I have continued further yesterday.

        Oh yea... I am also dreaming of meadow flowers with bright petals and nice flavor. I made this floral nail art yesterday and I am quiet happy how it came out.  I had difficulties with making nail art on the right hand with my left hand, so the flowers didn't appear to be very neat. I preferred the better looking nail art to be posted in the blog :)

              *** Have a nice weather wherever you are and keep on dreaming!***

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