Monday, 2 July 2012

Go crafty this Summer

    We have moved into the month of July. Let's see what it has in store for us. My aim is to finish old projects and start new ones, learn new crafts (like decoupage and felt craft) and of course, enjoy the summer!

    Today's post is all about crafty ideas which I had started implementing in life in June and which were transferred in July. The first one is called "The Russian forest" which looks like this on the plan below. This is going to be a crochet picture with crocheted forest leaves, flowers and more attached to the crocheted background.
  Why forest theme suddenly? Because I am missing forest a lot here! Forest has been my favorite place to go to since my childhood when parents used to take me away from the city under the cool and fresh roof of the pine trees and birches :) We used to plug mushrooms and collect different treasures of nature like pinecones, some peculiar shaped branches, moss...   and of course we used to make herbarium from the variety of forest plants.
So here it is, the first necessary plant of a forest - fern. In order to make crochet fern flat I simply soaked it in the water and then taped to a newspaper and let it dry.
 These are the sticks I am going to use as a frame for a crochet picture. I also have made a tiny forest flower and going to make some more of them, may be of different colors. In plans is to crochet a forest strawberry! This is going to be fun :)
  Well let's leave crochet for a while and show you my renewed hobby - nail art. I'd like to say thanks to one of the bloggers Bonitabonbons who creates amazing nail art and who inspires me to do it too :)
  The designs I make are very simple and based on a dotting technique and my hands still shake...but I like it anyway! I have also bought a few nail polishes from a nearby market, and they are SUPER cheap what makes nail art so much affordable hobby! You would enjoy it for sure once you try :)

*** Wishing everyone a crafty Summer!***


  1. I like this idea of your forest themed wall decor. I am sure it will turn out to be a wonderful wall art. Best wishes.

    1. I love this idea too :)) Thanks, hope it'll be indeed a good piece of decor :)Time will show.


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