Sunday, 29 July 2012

A piece of my country - Borovoe

     Clouds, forests, grass, stones, water, sand, flowers... and much more! I have had an awesome trip with my parents to the north of my city. I made loads of lovely photos during  five days of unforgettable meeting with nature and hope you'd like them too. Two years back me and my husband went to visit the same places. This year, if you remember, I am visiting my parents without him :(
    First we went to the township in the North of Kazakhstan called Borovoe. It is famous for it's diverse landscape as it has hills and valleys and also many lakes thrown all over the territory.
    Our way kept along the broad highway.The North of Kazakhstan mainly has a plain landscape and the area is called steppe. However, when you start heading towards Borovoe, you can see a rapid change in the sceneries: more and more trees are coming your way and then they form thick forests standing one behind another.

First sign of a landscape change - low hills and sparse trees.
The road was pleasant indeed!
We took a short break among the forests.
I took many pictures from the moving car, and, oh my, I love the one below!
We stopped at this point, I couldn't resist to click these. The sky was amazing that day!
It seemed the road had no end!
You can notice the shapes of Borovoe hills hidden in some haze - we were close to our final destination.
Approaching the city Shuchinsk on the way. 
Simply some houses. I liked them!
Entering Borovoe. Hello, forest! I have finally met you after so long! 
This is how my trip has began. I have many more pictures to show and tell about. I am going to take you to the lake, to the forest and to a Russian village later on!
***Have a great week ahead!***


  1. Thanks for posting it's really interesesting to see some different places I never saw or knew about before! have fun x

    1. Thanks for your comment! :)I am going to post more, and there are soooo beautiful pics coming!

  2. This is cool, I haven't really seen many pictures of this area before so it's interesting! I like the picture entering Borovoe with the forest, look forward to seeing more pictures! :) I hope you have a lovely time visiting your parents. x

    1. I am so glad that you liked being introduced to my country:) Thanks for your comments! And, yes, I am having great time with parents! so much fun!


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