Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Bliss of Being Home

    After the winter trip to my parents,  I am back home again and I am happy. Thanks to my D, the most understanding and caring husband I could ever wish for. This time I went to my home country alone... and now I don't want it anymore, but only with my D. Together Always..remember? I am missing my husband a lot ...
    I arrived in Kazakstan today early morning. I had 3 flights in just 32 hours and was in 3 different airports of three different countries: India, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Too tired to make a long post so I'm just going to share some moments of the trip with you. Me and my D flew to Delhi from Chandigarh day before yesterday evening and then...
    India. The teddy bear I took with me is ready to start her first long journey, at Delhi International Airport visitor's area. Here, my D left for the bus to Chandigarh after few hours and I headed towards the check-in post.

Ukraine. Boryspol' Airport is the biggest international airport of the country.  I spent 11 hours there waiting for the flight to Astana. There are good facilties for long wait: free internet, cafes, duty free, rest rooms, but not possible to purchase a local SIM card, roaming is the only option.
The area for the transit passengers. Someone left a book for others. Good choice!
Looking out of the window. The sky .. oh, no words do describe, just look. 
The weather was nice, you can see from the picture.
Time pass with a book and a croissant.
 She was also eagerly waiting :)
Kazakhstan. Finally - a blissful early morning. It feels good to be back home.
   ***Have a great time with your families!***


  1. nice post very interesting, I like the bear she's cute! you are reading Dracula as your travel book?! your crazy..oh and the nails look vey nice!have a great time with your family too x

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment! Well.. about the book. I have already read it, but chose it so that I can read it slowly during my wait hours, as it's in English :))hehe))
      Thank you for your kind wishes:) Have a great time with your family too!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Miss you always even when you are sit just next to me...


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