Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Parents' dacha - the colors of nature

   Today I am going to present you a piece of my childhood, a piece of my culture and a piece of a land, where my parents grow amazing flowers and vegetables, and where you can enjoy the true colors of nature. Me and my parents spent a great weekend at dacha! Dacha means freedom, sun, fresh air, loads of space and beautiful plants for me and you have already "heard" this word from me here and here.
  A little dissapoinment was when my camera discharged right in the middle of me taking the photos. Hence I am showing all the things my parents planted in another post :)
  took the picture below when we just arrived at dacha last Saturday. It was around seven in the evening but it was still hot and sunny. I loved how my parents made this flowerbed round the house. I feel so much cozy looking at it, though it's not perfect and our house needs load of care... I still love it all so much!
My Mum's pride is this Geranium. The flowers are like a bunch of tiny red roses.
The decorative bean plant grows on the strings, when you turn round the corner.
When you move a little further, there are bluetts, which are blue and light pink. Hope I took this flower name correctly in English. In Russian they are called "Vasiljok" (Василёк).
 These flowers below are pansies of  course, in Russian they are called "Anuta's eyes" (Анютины глазки) as seems like they look at you! Don't they? ;)
My parents grow not only cute flowers, but "serious" plants too! hehe
When the camera was completely "dead", I somehow squeezed the last drop of charge from the battery...  You see yourself, such beauty could't have been ignored by me!
The redcurrant berries are transparent in the sun.
The beans
A watermelon which will ripen by the month of September 
 A squash. My Mum always has loads of it and makes tasty dacha style dishes with it :)
Hope you liked being at dacha and I am going to take you there soon again :)
***Have a nice week full of positive colors!***


  1. My dear. Its so beautiful and cozy there. I still remember when we were there together in 2010. I am missing it very much. I will definately wont miss a CHANCE NEXT YR.

    Love you.

    1. I made this post for you... I know that you love this place as much as I do :) We will go together next year and enjoy dacha!
      Love you too!


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