Monday, 18 June 2012

Recipe "Dacha taste" - vegetables in a pan

              This dish I picked from my Mum. She used to make it at dacha, as it  involves vegetables you grow there! Hence let’s call it “Dacha taste”. There can go any vegetables you find in the fridge (if you are not at dacha at the moment) like potato, tomato, squash, onion, cabbage, French beans. There are no particular measurements of ingredients as well – see by eye how much will be sufficient for your family.


         Cut the vegetables into round pieces, put a bit of oil in a deep pan (or a "kadai" in my case) and start creating layers. Each layer sprinkle with any herbs and spices you have, for example, parsley, fennel, crushed zira, red pepper powder or any of you choice, add salt on top of each layer too. To make dish more tasty you can prepare some fried onion and tomato in a pan and put this on a top of all layers in the end. Then simply cover your layered vegetables with preliminarily boiled water and start cooking on a low flame until the water starts boiling. The dish is ready when potato and other hard vegetables are soft (obviously :).
            This view is just before you put boiled water. I usually make up to 3 layers.

             For a non-veg recipe you can simply add previously cooked (fried or steamed) pieces of meat between the veg layers. You can also opt for a soup like dish or for a steamed one by choosing how much water to add.
                                                                  *** Have a nice meal!***

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