Friday 8 June 2012

Easy double crochet (treble crochet) tutorial

   I must say that double crochet is my favorite stitch. I work with it in all my crochet projects. Now I am using it for making a table rug. Also I used loads of double crochet stitches for making granny hexagons, my granny hexagon tutorial. Double crochet = treble crochet in UK terminology. Though I neither follow US nor UK crochet school, I use US "double crochet" as it corresponds Russian crochet terminology. I know there are many tutorials in the net however I wanted to make my own double crochet tutorial to link it to my projects. So here we go!
  This is your initial loop, it can be a loop in the process of crocheting (like in the picture below) or a loop in the very beginning, when you have just made a chain of stitches.

Step 1. Slip on yarn.

 Step 2. Insert the hook under the next stitch:

 Step 3. Slip on yarn again and...

 Step 4. Drag yarn thread through the same stitch. Now you have 3 loops on your hook.

 Step 5. Slip on yarn again and...

 Step 6. Drag yarn thread through first 2 loops on your hook. Now there are 2 loops on the hook left:

 Step 7. Slip on yarn and...

 Step 9. Drag it through the remaining 2 loops on the hook. One loop will be left. Your double crochet (treble crochet) is done :)
  The next double crochet (treble crochet) you will have to make in the next from a hook stitch.

Hope it was useful and please, give your suggestions on the improvement of tutorials :)
                                                 ***Have a nice weekend!***


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    1. Thanks for a feedback, dear ) But I guess you don't need this tutorial, as you are already a master in crocheting and knitting! :)))

  2. Hi thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments, You should enter my give-away! everyone should enter ^_^ im following yours now too
    you must have a lot of patience to take such clear photos and so many, its a very good tutorial x

    1. Hi!!! I will enter your give away, I have never participated in any :)hehe))
      Thank you so much for commenting and joining my blog :) Thanks, hope someone can find my tutorial useful :)))


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