Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fairy - I like So Much!

 Well, well, well... I have been out of my blogging for a while and I am really missing it! I have become very attached to my blog, no matter what I post here and how. I do it for my own enjoyment. I am preparing some more tutorials on crochet, so it'll take a bit of time to upload it and describe. Also I want to improve language of my tutorials, so that it is easy to follow instructions. Wow, what plans I have! :)
 However today I am not going to blog about my garden or crochet, or our Sunday trips. I am going to show what else I like to collect if you say. And this is Fairies! Yes, those tiny creatures with beautiful wings and beautiful dresses.Fairy means Magic. I wish I met one some day. I still believe in fairy tales. So my Fairy picks from Etsy (again, yea:)) Links are given in caption.
The first pick I made were these cute Fairy shoes:
 Another one is this Cameo ring. Lovely antique style!

        Fairy Cameo Antiqued Silver Filigree Ring

      This tiny bottle with a magic wand won my heart! So sweet idea.
This hand made Fairy house is just amazing! Moreover it is useful, besides it's fairy tale look, because it is also a knitting patterns store!
 Haha, this cute Fairy doll raises my mood)) Hope you also like it!!!
 There are also numerous fairy doors, fairy dust bottles, fairy wings... I think that as soon as people believe in fairies, magic and make such nice things like I showed above, our world has future.
  ***Wishing everyone a Magical week!!!***

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