Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Crocheting Useful and Beautiful

Hello dear friends! I guess that our Indian winter has come to an end... Sun is shining bright, temperature is around +24, birds are chirping. Hot Indian Summer is round the corner!
We celebrated my father-in-laws birthday last Monday, the cake my D brought was awesome - fruity delicious!
However last week had also stored unexpected health issues. First my little boy had fever for 4 days, then when he started recovering, another boy, D, fell ill... Both are fine now, but I was taken a little aback and stayed home for almost a week. Hopefully no one else in the house will experience this nasty viral.
Thank you all for encouraging comments on my last post, I must say they moved me, literally! I did start crocheting after little A goes to bed. And the feeling of being able to create again is awesome, even if I get a little less sleep. I am not yet ready for any big crochet adventures, hence I am warming up by going for the small ones.
I have been wanting to have a storage basket (-s), which I finally own, and this is not the last one. I have not used any particular pattern, but got inspired by many on Pinterest, especially by the one with handles. It looks awesome, works up in no time, and organizes little things in the house so well - what more would you wish for? I put two strands of yarn together and liked the marble like effect it created.

Another rather beautiful, but maybe not so useful project is a Mega mandala doily, consisting of 23 rows. I loved crocheting this one a lot because it uses various stitches, and each row is in a different color. It can be called a stash buster project.  I used Indian yarn brand Vardhman, Brilon as usual. The doily was emerging throughout few creative nights, here it is how:
It measures about 35 cm in diameter. I am going to place it on a crockery table in our drawing room.. and make one more for the sake of enjoying making it once again, lol :) Crocheter's madness.
In plans to crochet a set of coasters, maybe something like a set of mats for my little A's meal time, 2 pillow covers for my parents and start another blanket (shall start soon, because this project will stretch till next year for sure, lol). I particularly liked Linda's Greg blanket - the square patterns and colors, aww...! So perhaps I will steal the idea :P
That's all for now, enjoy your week, enjoy your days!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Time for Handmade

Hello dear friends! You might have thought  I wrote such title for this post because it is time to Handmade! yey! ...Oops, no... I meant HOW to find time to handmade?
I would not like to give excuses WHY I have no time to do this, there are many many moms who have more than one child, and still they do  hobbies, go to work, keep the house etc. Well, I am not one of them.
After I come home from office in the second half of the day, I get occupied with my little A, whether it is to make him sleep or give him food, or play with him, or read to him, or simply hug and kiss him.. it continues till evening when my D comes from his work, and I first of all make chai for him. We sit together in the drawing room, sipping milky chai, little A running from us towards the door and back, and we play with him, have fun etc...
Then just a few more moments, and it is time for little A to sleep again... And it is already time for us to go to bed too, because we have to get up in the morning and start the new day...
As mush as I am enjoying every single moment of motherhood, I feel slightly frustrated because I am not able to figure how to still do things which I had been doing before becoming a mother. How to manage time, or when to find time to crochet, sew, draw? I definitely would like to sleep at night... hehe.
But that's all right, I am immensely happy that little A is the reason for me having less time for other things. Let's see maybe when he grows up and will start doing many deals on his own, the situation will change. So far he started eating with spoon by himself, and helps me to dress him up and groom :)) Last Tuesday we had a lovely time with crayons! He enjoyed putting those lines on paper, selecting colors, holding the crayons in his little hands, broke few of them though.
At one point he selected these colors, good combination I must say. So well, actually I am having time for hobbies, now - with little A :)
It was  a Republic day on 26th, and we had a holiday.We went out to the park with little A. I love taking photos there, the light is awesome, colors appear so bright. Little A enjoys open ground a lot, he runs away from us in such a funny way - bending his upper body slightly forward, his hair long and fluffy fluttering because of movement, little feet moving fast on the grass.. my happiness in jeans he is! :)

I am planning on the next post about how we are raising a bilingual (multilingual?)child :) Stay tuned!
Wishing a peaceful and enjoyable weekend to all of you dear friends!!! 
P.S.Some of you have left my blog but I totally understand why , however will be missing you... best of all to you too!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Life as it is

Hello dear friends! Hope these few weeks of  a new year were good to you and brought only positive and joyful things to your family.
Day before yesterday we celebrated Lohri festival, with bonfire, gachak (Indian sweets with various nuts), dancing. Though this festival marks end of the winter and start of the spring... it has become cold the very next day! We have not been getting "proper" winter since it started here in Chandigarh. However foggy and cold weather has settled yesterday and today as well. I am happy though because I am a winter girl you know.

But I have been restless for a over a week now because my little A is about to have his vaccination today, and we know it is going to be a painful one (DTwP), because the painless one (DTaP) is not available in India for the past few months, and no one knows when and where it might appear. We have been following the vaccination schedule since little A's birth, but I have never been worried more than this time! First I cannot see him crying and feeling pain when the medicine is injected...plus extremely worried about how he is going to be post vaccination. He might as well be fine, but we prepare for high fever and at least a couple of tough days for him and us. I just want it to pass soon so we can move on and have our usual routine.
I know there are many discussions regarding vaccination in the internet and many opinions, many scary stories, LOADS of information which actually doesn't ease my mind and my heart. I consulted with several friends, some of them are doctors, so we decided to vaccinate.
As of now I am looking forward to be with my little one who became very choosy about who is going to be with him, and got attached to my in-laws a lot lately. He is growing very fast, speaking his own language, but definitely meaning to say something, so I guess his speaking skills are about to bloom by the time he is 2 years old. We are also thinking of a good preschool for him, and this thought itself makes me sad and worried. I cannot imagine him being out of the house without any of us beside him! Really really tough decisions are there, and I shall get used to the thought that my little A will have to be on his own some time and some day...

Sending wishes of cozy and cheerful atmosphere in your house! 

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Wishing a truly Happy New Year 2016!

Dear friends, the day has come to say Good bye to 2015 and Welcome 2016 year!

I really hope, and I really wish that this new year will bring more peace, love, happiness to everyone on Earth, and to my family particularly! That it will erase bad and paint only good, will make us better than we had been.
Our family wishes a Happy New Year to all of you and your families! Enjoy the celebration, cherish precious time with your loved ones!

Monday, 21 December 2015

Holidays' Spirit Created by Yourself :)

Hello my lovely friends! West Christian Christmas is just round the corner so is the New year! I am full of holidays' spirit these days, creating the mood myself for myself and wanting to share with all of you. I will also visit your lovely blogs soon, since I absolutely LOVE all the holiday posts made by you, and I want to finally keep a pace too :)
(Maybe not related to this post, but I started reading the Thirteenth Tale by Diana Setterfield and I love it! Anyone read it too? Perfect read to divert your thoughts).
My holiday spirit started with ... baking! I tried for the first time to bake cookies in our IFB convection oven. First attempt... hmmm, too sugary and buttery and crunchy, but we ate it all :P

Second attempt - much much better! I am going to use the same recipe with different flavours for Christmas treats. In plans, let's see how it realizes itself, to make a traditional winter wine gluhwein! :) Yumm! I will find this eggless recipe among my notes and provide a link here.
Yahoo, I managed to make some tree ornaments! Which cost zero I believe. Here is a Pinterest inspiration  - a Christmas star ornament made of sticks :) I later painted it golden, and also painted pine cones my D got from Manali last year, more photos are yet to come.
 We went to buy a New year tree few days ago, and it was proudly placed in the drawing room :))) Of course I wanted to have it primary for my little A to enjoy all the celebrations related to Christmas and New Year, since we cannot go to Kazakhstan this winter. But.. I am a big child too, therefor it brings loads of joy to me as well. It is not yet fully decorated in this picture.
And at last... My little boy is now a Christmas elf! :) I don't usually post his pictures in my blog, but it's a special occasion now. How do you like his look? D's childhood sweater (more than 30 years old!), and a red hooded shirt along with a hat created an unexpectedly elf-looking costume. Little A loves wearing this Santa hat, especially that it has become really cold at home. Here are his photos to compare how much he grew since last year. I cannot believe this! :)

To conclude my post ;
Happy holidays and happy coming up Christmas, dear friends, from our family! 
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