Monday, 25 August 2014

Nearing Two Month... Already

Up at 8 in the morning, feeding, making him sleep, then rushing to the shower, preparing breakfast and eating... fast (that's why it's called "breakfast"?). Sometimes I am on time, sometimes have to take my little one along to the drawing room and place near myself. Then again: feeding, making him sleep (if he wishes), changing nappies, cuddling, kissing his soft cheeks, then bathing him in the evening, waiting for papa to come from office... I feel a little relaxed when he is around, and my baby boy feels happy to see his daddy after so long! Here is pretty much the same schedule I have been following since my son's birth. I love it... but I long to go out of the house too. Like far out... not just in the park near by. So we did when finally made a short trip to Kasauli hills with our friends, one of whom also has a baby, June born girl. The trip was awesome, I had loads of interaction with Russian girls, and we had a great time together with D and our Indian Prince.
view from the balcony

My Indian Prince had his first 1 month birthday on the 5th of August... The month was a flash because of its business, because of a new life we have begun which evolves around our dear son. He gained more than a kg (from 2900 g to 4190 g!)  and grew 4 cm more (from 51 to 55!) - all in one month! I am proud of it as I can say that I nurtured him well :)
I used to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, happy, helpless, grateful - all possible feelings you can have when you realize you are a parent. I am sure that after a while things will become more steady, more interesting, more challenging too. I will be ready! Right now I enjoy so much kissing tiny fingers and touching his cute little nose, watching him sleep peacefully with his mouth open and a tongue slightly out sometimes (hehe), and there are many many more such things me and D adore witnessing.
On the Indian Prince's first birthday a friend of mine, who is residing in Russia now with her Indian husband, came by with her two boys. She brought lovely children books from Moscow. One of them is short poems for children by Agnia Barto. I myself still remember many of them as my mom used to read them to me too :) Now I have something to start incorporating Russian language as my child grows.
He is nearing 2 months already, and a special ceremony was performed when he was 40 days old, and the told by the priest, my son was kind of "baptised" into a Hindu... Anyway he indeed has changed so much, became more chubby and healthy looking, smiles and makes happy sounds a lot, tries to convey us something in his baby language. I noticed he started sleeping for longer periods in the night...but he is still so small and depends on us so much in all the aspects!

In spite of a busy new schedule I found time to make this cocoon for our son from that eye lash yarn I intended for a shrug first.  It was meant to be used during our trip to the hills, but I completely forgot to take it out... let us try it some other time.
Some more baby stuff I'd like to share. My baby received many many gifts, among them is this lovely book I'm a boy, sent by Preeti of Createwittyunleashed. Thank you Preeti! I have started to fill  it up, and hope to use those huge buttons for some projects ) Also I got many other things by post, and will tell about them later.
My mother-in-law sewed two pretty cotton sheets for her grandson. Thank you mom!!
 More teddy bears! A friend of mine visited three days ago with a bag full of things for my baby boy.
And this special cross stitch I made around a month before my son's birth - a Slavic amulet Fireeye (Ogneglaz) with a symbol of the young babies Radinec in the middle. 
That's all for now, I hope to be back soon with a more organized post :) Or may be As you see now I am a totally baby oriented blogger ))
Have a lovely week ahead, my dears!

Friday, 18 July 2014

The Indian Prince Had Arrived

Yes, dear friends, we finally became parents to a boy on the 5th of July at the start of the 39th week of pregnancy, and exactly a month after my D's birthday. Both my husband and son are summer boys :)
Well, what to say, I feel a little better today after all we had to go through. It seems like a bad dream now... I ended up with Cesarean section after 24 hours of labour but it was worth it! We are immensely happy and looking forward to new discoveries on this "being a parent" way. I get loads of support from my in-laws, so basically I only care for my baby and sometimes watch Harry Potter while he is sleeping or sleep myself :)) 
It is not at all easy straight after delivery start taking care of your little one! So many things we don't know yet however I hope it will get even better when he is at least 1 month old. My D takes a big part in everything related to our baby, and at times worries much more than me. As of now my little boy is taking a nap in his cot and probably dreaming of... the next portion of sweet milk.
Thanks to all for constant support as well, and I am happy to share this happy event of my life with you :)! I do hope that the days of blogging and crocheting are not that far away for me! The monsoon has started here, today especially the air is cool and fresh.You know how much I love this season :) And I love it even more because my son was born during it.
Have a blessed day, my dears!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Relishing the Present

The very first thing I want to say - no, I haven't disappeared because of the great event, it hasn't happened yet :) But of course anticipation and preparation made me a little less interested in some other things, sorry to say, in blogging too. I must be having loads to share, many pictures to post, and I will do this yet right before mid July... as of now I am slowly falling into some sort of renunciation while my body is getting ready to finally do what it has to and my mind is filled with emotion and unrest. We celebrated our 4th marriage anniversary on the 15th of June, and feeling blessed and grateful for our togetherness.
Me and D are also getting a little sad as our time we could spend only together is finishing to be replaced with a new kind of experience in which we will have to become even more caring, loving, tolerant and happy. So far the journey has been good for both of us, nature has been kind to me in terms of health, and we hope for a successful end of this period and a successful beginning of a new phase of life. I think that it is such a wit of nature it gives us whole 9 months to get used to new feelings and also plan things! If I could say I was not ready back then now I can't wait to kiss soft little cheeks and tiny fingers of our baby who will be entirely a creation of our own! We have prepared almost everything, and with a great help of my D's parents our room was repaired and now it is looking fresh and cozy :)  
I can proudly say that I have not been idle and am relishing:
1) lovely time with my D while shopping for our baby, attending counselling sessions, planning, enjoying evenings at home or outside, and so on! 
2) new dimensions of marriage
3) healthier food choices (which I hope to continue)
4) baby's movements and funny lumps formed by his body parts on my belly
5) love and care which multiplied
6) my clumsiness and a moment I have to take my belly in both hands in order to turn from one side to another (lol)
7) a thought of becoming a parent, and all good we can  teach and pass to a child (I hope it is good mostly)
What I understood while going through my pregnancy - be as active as you can (if health permits) and
this will save you from many discomforts both physical and mental. Having a support of your partner is very
very important too, I have been lucky to get it :) 
This post seems like it could be the last before I get back to my blog again (though I might make one right
before mid July). Till then, my dears, please bear with my absence. I will still be peeking into your posts
and reading as many of them as I can. I wish you to have days 
filled with happiness, pleasant moments, smiles of your loved ones and love of course! Keep on smiling and I
will keep on expecting ...

Friday, 6 June 2014

Flower Dream Catcher, Russian Doll and Fern's Flower on Birthday

Having +40C and above in day time, air feels like hot "milk" if you walk out, it is not possible for me to be without air conditioning and fans on, craving for juicy fruits and milk shakes - all that means that the Indian Summer has put its foot firmly in the city. I have a hope (a tiny one) that by the mid July the weather will get "better", however most probably it is going to be humid then, the monsoon season will be on its way.
Meanwhile I am getting more and more worried for all the things which need to be done in the house - cleaning, rearranging, refurbishing etc. I read somewhere not to try to get all done, not to stress and exhaust yourself - easy to say. When having a baby is no more just a "talk" but a reality you cannot help but keep on thinking how all is going to be. In order to divert that persistent thinking I devote some of my evenings to craft activities.
"Aunt Alexandra was hooking a rug and not watching us, but she was listening. She sat in her chair with her workbasket beside it, her rug spread across her lap.  Why ladies hooked woolen rugs on boiling nights never became clear to me".- a quote from Nelle Harper Lee's "To Kill a  Mockingbird". Okay, so I don't weave any blankets these hot days but on a "lighter" side. I remembered that many years ago I made a crochet wrist band with cross stitch floss which thought gave me another one "why not to use the cotton floss for something other than cross stitch again?". The inspiration for that "something" was also one broken plastic curtain ring. At first I did't know what I was going to do with the emerged flower but then... okay you know how the ideas are born - it turned out to be a flower dream catcher I made almost two weekends ago. I love it! The thread colors make me happy and the colored wooden beads which are actually embellishments from some scrunchy finally found their use. I blocked the flower and now it hangs above our heads on the wall.
But where is the Russian Doll? Here she is in her new custom frame, and I shall tell about the experience. 
It was done from a local shop which deals in making of frames for photos and pictures. It seemed natural to me to do the same for a cross stitch picture. My D went with me to the market, we chose a frame and I (fingers crossed) handed over the Russian doll to a shopkeeper. After three days he gave it back: it looked nice, my first ever hand made work under the glass but.. it was tilted! Obviously that the person who executed framing had no idea of how to actually do it. I regretted that I simply didn't customize a frame and didn't do the fitting myself. Well, now it cannot be undone and I like my Russian doll as she is, though slightly constricted.
Yesterday was my D's birthday. Yey! I made something special for him this year - Slavic vedic amulet called in Russian "obereg". The symbol itself is called "Fern's flower". It was my first such kind of cross stitch and I enjoyed creating it. I put it in a hand made frame, and we will be hanging it on the wall in our room so that he can see it every day and get charged with its energy.
I needed to decorate it with oak leaves and acorns and found a very cute cross stitch pattern which I altered a little. Now I really want to cross stitch oak leaves and acorns alone :) Maybe to add some forest berries too?

Have a happy weekend ahead, my dears! 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

What Makes People Engage in Cross Cultural Relations

Many times when I used to start another topic of intercultural relations, a thought came to me that of course almost whatever I write about is applied to any union. It is just that cross cultural marriages have that "twist". Today I'd like to analyse what made me and my husband to engage in one of such, why didn't we prefer staying within our zone of comfort, he - in India, me - in Kazakhstan, then marry a person of the same nationality, religion, with the same mentality? The answer is "I have no idea!" 
No, seriously, we both had no intentions of marrying a foreigner ever in our life. Yes, we did have foreign friends in the Internet before, but that was just pure communication: few comments, few likes... Something happened in our case, and we proceeded further.
First, of course, we simply liked talking to each other a lot, exchange messages, share insights of our lives. Then it became a necessity for me to hear his voice and see him at least for few seconds, at least few times a week. I used to be sad when we couldn't chat for long periods of time, when he was away with his family on vacations, when I was away with my family for a weekend... It felt like that. Like I needed him in my life, he needed me too.
Second, it felt exotic, unusual, exciting, romantic to be in the multicultural relations. I dreamt of my handsome Indian boy, his land, possessing such a rich culture. You may call it curiosity or feeling of novelty, unexplored - it also played role in us becoming interested in our relations.
Third as soon as we felt special about all the happening, we both didn't want to lose it, because we felt comfortable when we were together, we had similar views, interests and so on. We knew things were not easy in the beginning and they would be more difficulties ahead, but we were determined and weren't afraid. We felt strong.
Fourth, for us it didn't feel weird to be married to a person whose cultural background is different from another one's. This can be called "open mindness" of some sort. However I shall note here that it doesn't happen in all the cases, especially when a partner is quite conservative or is not ready to adjust for another partner's' culture much. In my case I was lucky to find an Indian man who although was brought up and lived in India, had a different, not-so-traditional thinking what helped me a lot on the initial stages of adaptation.
Just to add to the question: during the course of two years of being employed in his company my D discovered how many of his colleagues from other countries ARE in cross cultural marriages! Like German-Russian, German-Indian, Indian-Ukrainian, and perhaps, many more. The world is uniting in spite of anything.
I am sure that intercultural relations which are valued and taken care of will evolve into strong bond between the partners. Sometimes we also forget what it took us to be together as things seem to have been the way they are always. At such time it is important to recollect how you started your cross cultural journey and why and remember that love brought you to each other across the distance. Cherish it.
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