Wednesday, 7 January 2015

С Рождеством Христовым 2015.Merry Christmas!

С Рождеством Христовым!  Merry Christmas! 
Today is the Orthodox Christmas. Wishing you, my friends, love, happiness, peace in
your homes, and may all your dreams
come true!
Not sure whether I meet my friends today to celebrate this day but will definitely do it at home with my family. They say you should cook a special dish called кутья (cutya) made of wheat and raisins.
С Рождеством! 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Cakes, crochet and flowers

First of all, Happy New Year to all! May it be happier than the previous one and bring you all the things you wish for! Aww... I have a guilt for abandoning blogging, and lets admit, you my friends... but you never left my mind! Every day I'd think whether I had something ineteresting to tell about, I took pictures but they ended up being locked up in the camera memory card. I freed them today. I so to say freed myself in these last 3 months as My Indian Prince grew a little more. We started going out, I visited my friends, I resumed my hobbies, I started working from home for my company, I recently colored my hair burgundy, and also they are showing "The Desperate Housewives" and "The Big Bang Theory".. So life has got better, touch wood. :) Plus an immense pleasure of being a mom to my little boy who grows up so fast, and Today he is 6 months old :)))
So here what I have been all these months. We went to Kasauli hills few times back in November. Once it was foggy, damp, and a little cold. Some parts of the hills looked like in a dark fairytale... I'm having goose bumps when seeing that fog veiling the trees...
And the abundance of colorful flowers all scattered on the hill side was a pleasant view.
I suppose that once the dahlia seeds were spread by wind from some garden,and since then they have become wild dahlias.
The other time it was sunny and warm, but the night was cold and I couldn't keep my baby out for long. The night in the hills is so different from the one in the city! When our son was sound asleep we spent some time at the balcony, star gazing and watching at the glittering lights in the hills.
The last time we made the trip with our friend and her kids. I even had an opportunity to go for a walk with her and my D without my baby! We admired various flowers growing on the road side.
These reminded me of a tomato plant. I don't know its name though.
Oh,I baked  these days ! I tried out banand cake recipe, eggless, and it turned out great! Also I baked my mom's favorite apple Sharlotka. All made from atta (Indian flour).
As I had said I visited my friends too, and especially enjoyed baking by Lebanese friend. So now I know a little bit of Lebanese kitchen too. 
When the weather started getting colder I made two pairs of crochet slippers.
This pair was made for my sister-in-law.
And yea, I finally finished the throw I began last year.. before  i got to know I was pregnant. I am not a fast crocheter, lol.
This is only my second crochet blanket.  I wanted to incorporate lavender color and beige. If interested, it is the Red heart square pattern I used. Looks totally different from the one on the website. My squares are also smaller.
Dear friends, I will tell more about latest events, how we are trying to implement cultures' chord, what challenges are there when bringing up a child in a multicultural, multilingual family. Till then take care and I miss you all a lot!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Nearing Two Month... Already

Up at 8 in the morning, feeding, making him sleep, then rushing to the shower, preparing breakfast and eating... fast (that's why it's called "breakfast"?). Sometimes I am on time, sometimes have to take my little one along to the drawing room and place near myself. Then again: feeding, making him sleep (if he wishes), changing nappies, cuddling, kissing his soft cheeks, then bathing him in the evening, waiting for papa to come from office... I feel a little relaxed when he is around, and my baby boy feels happy to see his daddy after so long! Here is pretty much the same schedule I have been following since my son's birth. I love it... but I long to go out of the house too. Like far out... not just in the park near by. So we did when finally made a short trip to Kasauli hills with our friends, one of whom also has a baby, June born girl. The trip was awesome, I had loads of interaction with Russian girls, and we had a great time together with D and our Indian Prince.
view from the balcony

My Indian Prince had his first 1 month birthday on the 5th of August... The month was a flash because of its business, because of a new life we have begun which evolves around our dear son. He gained more than a kg (from 2900 g to 4190 g!)  and grew 4 cm more (from 51 to 55!) - all in one month! I am proud of it as I can say that I nurtured him well :)
I used to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, happy, helpless, grateful - all possible feelings you can have when you realize you are a parent. I am sure that after a while things will become more steady, more interesting, more challenging too. I will be ready! Right now I enjoy so much kissing tiny fingers and touching his cute little nose, watching him sleep peacefully with his mouth open and a tongue slightly out sometimes (hehe), and there are many many more such things me and D adore witnessing.
On the Indian Prince's first birthday a friend of mine, who is residing in Russia now with her Indian husband, came by with her two boys. She brought lovely children books from Moscow. One of them is short poems for children by Agnia Barto. I myself still remember many of them as my mom used to read them to me too :) Now I have something to start incorporating Russian language as my child grows.
He is nearing 2 months already, and a special ceremony was performed when he was 40 days old, and the told by the priest, my son was kind of "baptised" into a Hindu... Anyway he indeed has changed so much, became more chubby and healthy looking, smiles and makes happy sounds a lot, tries to convey us something in his baby language. I noticed he started sleeping for longer periods in the night...but he is still so small and depends on us so much in all the aspects!

In spite of a busy new schedule I found time to make this cocoon for our son from that eye lash yarn I intended for a shrug first.  It was meant to be used during our trip to the hills, but I completely forgot to take it out... let us try it some other time.
Some more baby stuff I'd like to share. My baby received many many gifts, among them is this lovely book I'm a boy, sent by Preeti of Createwittyunleashed. Thank you Preeti! I have started to fill  it up, and hope to use those huge buttons for some projects ) Also I got many other things by post, and will tell about them later.
My mother-in-law sewed two pretty cotton sheets for her grandson. Thank you mom!!
 More teddy bears! A friend of mine visited three days ago with a bag full of things for my baby boy.
And this special cross stitch I made around a month before my son's birth - a Slavic amulet Fireeye (Ogneglaz) with a symbol of the young babies Radinec in the middle. 
That's all for now, I hope to be back soon with a more organized post :) Or may be As you see now I am a totally baby oriented blogger ))
Have a lovely week ahead, my dears!

Friday, 18 July 2014

The Indian Prince Had Arrived

Yes, dear friends, we finally became parents to a boy on the 5th of July at the start of the 39th week of pregnancy, and exactly a month after my D's birthday. Both my husband and son are summer boys :)
Well, what to say, I feel a little better today after all we had to go through. It seems like a bad dream now... I ended up with Cesarean section after 24 hours of labour but it was worth it! We are immensely happy and looking forward to new discoveries on this "being a parent" way. I get loads of support from my in-laws, so basically I only care for my baby and sometimes watch Harry Potter while he is sleeping or sleep myself :)) 
It is not at all easy straight after delivery start taking care of your little one! So many things we don't know yet however I hope it will get even better when he is at least 1 month old. My D takes a big part in everything related to our baby, and at times worries much more than me. As of now my little boy is taking a nap in his cot and probably dreaming of... the next portion of sweet milk.
Thanks to all for constant support as well, and I am happy to share this happy event of my life with you :)! I do hope that the days of blogging and crocheting are not that far away for me! The monsoon has started here, today especially the air is cool and fresh.You know how much I love this season :) And I love it even more because my son was born during it.
Have a blessed day, my dears!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Relishing the Present

The very first thing I want to say - no, I haven't disappeared because of the great event, it hasn't happened yet :) But of course anticipation and preparation made me a little less interested in some other things, sorry to say, in blogging too. I must be having loads to share, many pictures to post, and I will do this yet right before mid July... as of now I am slowly falling into some sort of renunciation while my body is getting ready to finally do what it has to and my mind is filled with emotion and unrest. We celebrated our 4th marriage anniversary on the 15th of June, and feeling blessed and grateful for our togetherness.
Me and D are also getting a little sad as our time we could spend only together is finishing to be replaced with a new kind of experience in which we will have to become even more caring, loving, tolerant and happy. So far the journey has been good for both of us, nature has been kind to me in terms of health, and we hope for a successful end of this period and a successful beginning of a new phase of life. I think that it is such a wit of nature it gives us whole 9 months to get used to new feelings and also plan things! If I could say I was not ready back then now I can't wait to kiss soft little cheeks and tiny fingers of our baby who will be entirely a creation of our own! We have prepared almost everything, and with a great help of my D's parents our room was repaired and now it is looking fresh and cozy :)  
I can proudly say that I have not been idle and am relishing:
1) lovely time with my D while shopping for our baby, attending counselling sessions, planning, enjoying evenings at home or outside, and so on! 
2) new dimensions of marriage
3) healthier food choices (which I hope to continue)
4) baby's movements and funny lumps formed by his body parts on my belly
5) love and care which multiplied
6) my clumsiness and a moment I have to take my belly in both hands in order to turn from one side to another (lol)
7) a thought of becoming a parent, and all good we can  teach and pass to a child (I hope it is good mostly)
What I understood while going through my pregnancy - be as active as you can (if health permits) and
this will save you from many discomforts both physical and mental. Having a support of your partner is very
very important too, I have been lucky to get it :) 
This post seems like it could be the last before I get back to my blog again (though I might make one right
before mid July). Till then, my dears, please bear with my absence. I will still be peeking into your posts
and reading as many of them as I can. I wish you to have days 
filled with happiness, pleasant moments, smiles of your loved ones and love of course! Keep on smiling and I
will keep on expecting ...
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