Friday, 28 March 2014

Positive Blogging and Becoming Positive

"... If I have seeds and can make flowers grow the garden won't be dead at all - it will come alive." - The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett. 
It came to me many a time that I represent myself a much more happy and positive person in my blog than I really am.  One reason is that blogging for me is a way of reflection on the small things I do and surrounded by and in which I find joy and comfort. I do share some worries and little frustrations too but all the major part of my quite anxious nature stays somewhere there as soon as I start a new post. I don’t feel like complaining and nagging, and weeping over all the problems which come in and go away. I simply cannot complain when I upload another picture of a colourful crochet work or a beautiful sunset and write a small caption to them – life becomes much much happier the same moment, I feel I am blessed with so many things that sounding off feels like a sin to me.
Of course my husband is the one who takes it all first, who always listens to me and understands, and helps to come over all the worries and doubts. Living away from your native land in another land which differs from it is not easy. Sometimes I do feel lonely here, sometimes I feel that no one understands me, that no one cares, that I am on my own … it is not true though but it makes me tougher and possibly stronger.
I am not sure why I am writing this particular post today but I “felt like it” – the words of our friend who explained why she again came to India. So I “felt like it” and writing is one of the things you are free to do because and when you feel like.
I suppose I am not alone in this thinking that at times public blog doesn’t reveal a whole person, but just a few features of his character or even can present a person quite different from who he/she actually is. I am not saying that when I show my crafts or tell little things from my life in the posts, I lie. No, it is me too but in my case - more optimistic. I really want to transfer this attitude in my routine, be it sunny or rainy, cold or hot, whatever. My baby needs a smiling and cheerful mom, and the same dad of course, who fell sick by the way, but I encourage him to get well soon (also by the means of medications and traditional home remedies – tea, honey, lemon etc). I had to keep away from him (no hugging and moreover kissing), yea, baby rules!
And about blog name change… Whatever but I am always so much thrilled with the support you get from a blogging community! I got so many responses on my latest post and I am once again thankful to all of you for giving your opinions, and at the same time supporting my decisions. I will let you know soon, as right now I am in the process of name confirmation, but need to approach my D in his busy schedule to ask his opinion too - he ultimately is also a huge part of my ramblings hereJ.
✿✿✿ Have a wonderful day,and stay positive!✿✿✿

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Change Blog URL and Blog Name

Dear friends, this post is addressed to you more than to anybody else. You have been supporting my blog for almost 3 years now, which gained 147 followers up to date and connected me to so many wonderful creative people and gave opportunity to broaden my vision and my dreams!
The thought of renaming/changing my blog's URL from Hindustanka was in my mind for about 6 months now. Here are my thoughts, and you are welcome to suggest whether it will be a good change and how to implement it smoothly. I know about the consequenses as losing followers and so on... But I feel the change is required.

1. The search engine issue: when you type the name of my blog, it gives of course the blog's link in the first search result, however rest of the results are linked to the word combination "Hindustan ka" - what means in hindi "of India"... I didn't think about it when naming the blog in the beginning, but that way all the links to my blog are lost in the numerous searches of that word combination - while I have created almost 200 posts so far and linked here and there in the net!

2. I believe that blog's name doesn't reflect what I am talking in it about. At least I feel that referring only to India in the URL and name narrows down the idea. Hence the new URL/name I'd like to keep has to be more abstract perhaps (even if related ot India), or at least less specific than the one I have.

3. I'd like to give some beautiful URL/name and already have few ideas.

4. If need to do the change, I'd like to do asap. Forgive me that I am bothered with such unimportant things now, but as soon as I am not going to give up blogging yet, I want to make my experience better.

Please let me know what you think or may be some of you had such experience and your piece of advice will be appreciated.
Have a nice day!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hobby Time

You know that I have already expressed my worry regarding ability to do hobbies after I get busy with my baby, but I am sure with time I will find some place for them too, just need to get used to new routine. Four days ago I started prenatal exercise classes after my office hours – a useful and a pleasant activity. I will be getting rid of feet swelling which has already begun a little, and also relief mild back aches. My belly is not that big yet ( I hope so) as to cause me much discomfort and I feel well too, but oh, I am so grateful for the time we live in – so many things to use for your benefit. My mom never attended such classes, she was anyways fine when pregnant with me, but who knows, may be many health problems could be avoided if those were available that time too.
As of now I am still free to do my hobbies anytime and anywhere. I don’t get much of work these days and pass my time in the office by reading books. Recently I finished “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott, “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, I also found Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha” in the net, and read “The diary of a young girl” by Anne Frank. The latter shook me - may be not the best read during pregnancy, but what is done can’t be undone. I am still under impression of this story.
To other hobbies. Before New Year I found real pleasure in cross stitch. Since then I haven’t done much of the projects but I am not in a hurry. One of them I already presented. The cat became a part of a postcard I sent to my parents. I stopped with this hobby for a while, as well as other things, when I was in some kind of depression after pregnancy news (yes, now I know it was that).When my mind cleared and all the pregnancy related business took over me, I began enjoying myself again and renewed crochet and cross stitch too. 
Not long ago I made one simple cross stitch which is called Valentine’s birds, but due to the limited number of cotton colors I had, it turned out of a different style, though I like it this way and want to use such color combination (or black and blue, pink and so on) for other projects in future.
After that a wonderful (as I consider it) thought came to my mind to cross stitch a Russian doll! I wanted to have a Russian doll in my house for long, but only now realized this small dream. I purchased gorgeous colors of Anchor and Rose cotton , and I LOVE this cutie in her blue kerchief! My D is also liking the doll. (Update* The doll hasn't been finished yet, I am thinking of putting it into simple wooden frame).
The flower I put in the middle is a Russian  pattern from a beginning of the 20th century lithography found on this cross stitch dedicated website. I am thrilled to revive it in modern days! The doll pattern itself came from Danceneedle. I have many other projects in my mind, particularly with traditional and old Russian patterns, let’s see when they get realized.
 Besides I finally made another item I not only wanted to have but also needed to – a pincushion.I saw something like this on the net. It consists of a crochet granny square sewed to the fabrics cushion. The snips of it I used are from my Indian suit. The cushion is filled with polyfill and yarn scraps. I need to buy more of polyfill by the way. The pincushion is such a simple but a handy little thing!
I suppose this is all for now, enough to inspire me to finish what has been started and begin new! Thanks a lot for all your sweet and kind comments, they make my heart happy and lift up my mood immensely. Have a lovely weekend and take care!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Goa Flowers, Paintings and Cats - Last Part

Once again I am sitting here on my bed and uploading snaps of Goa trip which will summarize the Goa tour. I am listening to some Russian songs now, missing the language a lot!!! Missing my parents, my city, my friends, food and so on. But one thing definitely makes me happy nevertheless - from time time during the day I feel my baby's movements, kicks, and can even see my belly shaking :) It is very strange and at the same time exciting. Just few months are left... just a few weeks...
Today's pictures are more varied as I took them on the day of our departure, when we were passing time in the cafe near our hotel after check out. There I found last impressions of Goa:
The painting of an Israeli/Russian artist Olin'sha N., if I read her signature correctly, who lived and painted in Goa some time ago. Delicate strokes, palette and themes of her paintings attracted me. Simply beautiful!
Then after having light lunch I went on to exploring the cafe premises and noticed bright flowers everywhere, all of different tints of pink color. This one is Bougainvillea, thanks to my friends for educating me. Now I also know what I'd like to plant in my garden!
And this one is still a mystery :)
This one is Goan Hibiscus. So pretty pink!
There was also a palm tree with loads of big fruits on it - young coconuts as you, my friends, let me know! Aww, paradise!
Before leaving I spotted... a cat lazying in the bushes on a hot day.
Another one came from nowhere. Lucky one, tricoloured!

 And by the way we checked a hotel above the one we stayed in. I loved this view - an old cross with flowers and the sea on the background!
These were one of the latest impressions of Goa. Sun, flowers, sea, colors! Today or tomorrow I will start posting about small projects I made during the time of my absence from blogging. I hurry so much to make those I want!
Have a nice weekend! Tomorrow Indian is celebrating a festival of colors, Holi. So Happy Holi in advance in case I won't be able to post tomorrow, as it is a working day for me.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Old Goa, Panjim, Aguada Fort - Part 6

Here we are turning to summer finally. Days are longer and hotter now though evenings are cool of which I am glad. I don't look forward to summer months - it is going really tough here then. So current weather is just what we need. Today the world is celebrating women's day... How I wish that women still took more place in politics and international relations, may be we would indeed have no wars and find better ways of conflict resolution. Also many a times during my pregnancy I thought that my baby (as well as many other) will be born in our world full of frightening things, and I am not sure I will be able to protect him/her from them completely. 
Life is peculiar nevertheless. There, where it is peace, we keep on enjoying good things... family relations, traveling, shopping... We have to carry on. Today I am presenting one of our last days in Goa.
We started off with the thought of visiting one church in Panjim, Goa capital, which my D wanted to see as it was shown in many Bollywood movies. On the way, as usual, we discovered other sight seeings, liek this cathedral with graveyard. I cannot tell you the name, but once again it a Portuguese architecture.
We had to reaffirm and ask the way to Panjim many times and it was a long one... It was hot that day but scooter ride soothed sun's heat somehow. We were approaching a long bridge.
Which ran across a wide river...  Then we had to turn left and go along this river.
I liked the boats on water.
After many directions given by locals, we arrived at Old Goa... when asking people where the church was everyone assured it was there.. when it wasn't. Every time we were told it wasn't far, just 5 km, 3 km... and so on... In the end we were told by one kind man that we came to Old Goa by mistake in search of that church. Well, it was an adventure that day. Anyway we decided it was also good as we could see the old part and its sightseeing. Like this Arch of Conception as I read words on it.
a Basilica of Bom Jesus
Then we at last got right directions, we reached Panjim itself. This are the streets there. 
By 3 in the afternoon we arrived at the aim of our whole trip that day - Lady of Immaculate Conception Church in Panjim. My D was happy to view it himself as he wanted to. Unfortunately we couldn't enter its premises, as there was some service going on, and it was very crowded. Besides... being silly I wore shorts and open top... and was not allowed moreover. Although we were relieved and happy to be there, the impression was spoiled by some of the churches "whoever", who behaved with us very rudely, as we were just trying to see a little inside the building. He started arguing with D, shouting at him... just right outside the church's entry. I was ashamed. I said my D not to continue any such talk... And we turned back.
After the churches's "tour" we undertook a ride to Aguada fort -another piece of Goa Portuguese past. Built in 18th century.
 The lighthouse inside the fort walls.
The wonderful sea view... Sunshine...
 The day ended with usual evening swimming in the sea.  The same evening we went out to have dinner at the Russian cafe, but that experience wasn't good at all... to our disappointment, the food was poorly prepared, costly, and the next day I fell sick, but tried to stay up and cheerful.
 Such a calming evening. Just one and a half day was left.

Happy Women's Day 2014!

Hello, dear friends! Happened so that most of the blogging community consists of women :) So let's celebrate us and our families today!
Yesterday was my Mum's Birthday, so I also wish her to have good health and enjoy her days. I wish I was with her to hug and kiss her. Mum, I love you very much!!!
And from me is this quick postcard for all of you with the marigolds my Mum grew in her garden 2 years ago:
Today I woke up to sunshine and bird chirping. It is a good day! Have a happy weekend, my dears!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Goa: Anjuna Beach, Chapora Fort and Night Life - Part 5

Hello, friends! Another week is coming to an end, and I am a week closer to a great for my life event. I am not anxious about the time of labor and all, but I just want everything to be fine for me and a baby.
Meanwhile I made another short trip with my D, this time to Delhi.He had an official reason, me - accompanying him and also visiting relatives from his side, who all happen to be living in Delhi. So while he was attending meeting and training, I stayed with one of his aunts and her family. Her daughter in law has a 1.2 years old boy, so I really felt good being there with him and witness his early childhood days. Most probably I will be joining prenatal classes next week as everyone suggests it is really a useful thing to do during pregnancy and will help restore body sooner after it too. Did any of you have such classes?
Now, perhaps, you got annoyed with my never ending posts about Goa, but honestly, I didn't think I'd have so many memories to share with you, and I'd like to keep them for myself, here in blog. And show my baby later when he/she grows a little :), as he/she was also a part of it.
In North Goa we also visited Anjuna beach - a crowded place with numerous cafes and restaurants on a coast line. The view from the cafe we went to.Once again we appreciated the quiet beach we were staying at in our hut.
After that me and D decided to go and explore Goa independently. We stopped at one beautiful point to take pictures.
Somewhere on the way during another stop my D spotted this rooster, he looked exactly like Russian one! Privet!
The next adventure was visiting one of the Goa forts - Chapora Fort. Can you see its walls? So we had to go there... up... on rolling stones. I was on my 16th week then, so it was still ok, but now I wouldn't have risked. 
Almost there... The fort was built in 18th century by Marathas and Portugues. 
The view inside the fort walls. Honestly, nothing significant, but nevertheless interesting. As far as I understood the main purpose of going is there is to see beautiful view of Goa from a high point!
Like this one...
And this - there you can a beach on the opposite side - a favorite place of all Russians, where it is said they now are having some troubles with local people.
Our evening was also intended for visiting one of the most famous places of Anjuna beach - Brittos restaurant. Besides having huge premises, beautifully lit in the evening, it also delivered great food at reasonable price.
Yea, that's me in the right corner of the pic :)
 Anjuna beach in the night - a row of lights, all calling tourists to come and have dinner or a drink... or two.. And music from each and every cafe, which you can hear when walking along the shore.
Later we and our friends headed for a disco to club Cubana, but I have no photos of the same. We enjoyed some European, Hindi and even Russian disco songs there, and were back to the hotel around 1 am. After long time we had a late night party with dancing.  Don't worry, baby was all right :)
Even if I am trying stay away from world's troubles now, the latest news about Ukraine-Russia, couldn't have been unnoticed by me, and we watch news from there every day. I cannot understand all of that politics or whatever, and would never like these two nations be apart and at war - we are so close ethnically, I myself have Ukrainian roots... this all is just way too sad.
Thank you all for your kind comments, and I hope you all had a great weekend, in spite of anything.
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