Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Time and wishes

   Living in a city with all its' rather rushy days you find  out the truth that  you need more time for all the things you wish to do. Time doesn't stop here, it passes by leaving you with a feeling that you are not able to adjust all your deals in 24 hours. 

   My husband frequently says me that I want everything and soon and that sometimes I need to wait for something to happen... Yes, I  agree but  I have a fear of loosing a moment, that precious moment when I am eager to do something, when I feel like this is the right time, like may be it will never come again. What to do when  YEA...I want everything: be with my husband, work, do blogging, read, crochet of course, teach Russian, learn driving, meet friends, dance or go to gym, and most probably that's not all, but it's all so REAL, isn't it?

  Well, for the time being I manage some of these, but thinking of making some particular days for particular deals. Like, for example, when I don't have Russian language class, I can come from work and do crochet. Then when my husband comes, I leave crochet and will be with him... But I guess I am already doing this way :) Of course, there are house deals too, which I  keep for the weekend mostly and distribute between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Oh, yes, what about blogging? If the things I had mentioned before were still on their "places", then blogging  hadn't had much of my attention yet. Not a problem, I just need to organize myself better. Also if all this is the matter of time, it's the matter of your wish as well, so if you are encouraged to do something, you will do it and do it very well, putting your very heart and soul into it.
  Go on and enjoy your busy days! :)

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