Friday, 9 March 2012

Sunny Granny Hexagons

 Few days back I learned how to crochet a granny square. I then made two of them and stitched together, what made a granny square bagThis time I'm doing something new and trying to create patterns myself. I decided to give a try to new acrylic yarn I bought two weeks back. Now let me show what the result is. I have come up with a granny hexagon!  I like yellow color in this combination a lot. It makes so sunny-like look and I can use it to decorate my bedroom, as there is lack of sunlight in it.
 Some more closer look at them, not perfect ones, but I am improving the pattern.
  I love these so much! I made three more, but with other colors. Later on I issued the tutorial on how to make a granny hexagon. Check it out!
 I realized that crochet knitting gives me so many good feelings! In last days my hobby mixed with a reading of Harry Potter, so it made this experience related to the world of magic, homely stuff, cozy drawing rooms with fireplaces and beautiful sceneries... :)

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