Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Kitchen Garden in Progress

It's been almost two weeks since the post about our home garden. However, I left some more of greenery for your eyes. I can't say that "spring has come" as it never really gone, as soon as we have +16 even in the winter time. But definitely plants have started enjoying ( I believe they can) the warn sunny days in the month of March, and you can see  a rapid progress in their development.
took these pictures today morning before going to office.The plants have started waving and in order to help them do so, my father-in-law and husband attached some strings and threads. Here they are, so green and strong, beans:
 I like these new leaves on the top very much and I guess these bean plants are going to blossom soon.
One of my favourite herbs - fennel! Now I can proudly present these tiny fluffy leaves. My mum says it may take time for it to grow up, but we can wait of course.
We also have a typical Indian plant growing on the back yard. It is called Curry tree and sometimes called also "sweet neem leaves". Its' leaves are used in many Indian dishes and they give an unforgettable flavour to them. This tree is in blossoming phase right now and many bee-like insects keep coming on it's flowers to collect pollen.
So somehow there is a small kitchen garden on our back yard. Me and my husband like to go out in the morning and observe it, see what changes have  happened since yesterday evening. I  am also very happy that we have all these plants because I feel like this is a piece of dacha which I am missing very much.

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