Friday, 16 March 2012

Little bit of gardening

  Indian Sunny Days were marked by  a bit hectic week for both, me and my husband. For me, because I simply got too tired in my office, for my husband - he got a new opportunity! All this happened so suddenly and fast, so I think we still didn't realize this great change. I am very glad that he will have now more prospects and will be able to implement some of his dreams :)
 We have small pieces of land in front and behind our house, so this is where we grow some plants. About three weeks back, it was Sunday, me, my husband and our papa (my father-in-law) decided finally to do something about our garden development. We went to the nursery and after a while purchased there some flowers. My father-in-law planted all of them into pots and put on the wall. There were many other plants, so different: tall, short, blossoming, cacti, small palm trees!
  I liked this one very much, as I knew it would give pretty flowers later. Here they are:
 Aren't they sweet and tender?
 The name of the flower below I don't know too. It looks like white butterflies sat on it:

  However our gardening wasn't over. Week later we planted some seeds, which my parents gave from home - kidney beans and fennel! They gave sprouts just four days back, but turned already into a small plant so fast! I really feel so proud, as Kazakhstan plants are growing in India now :) Some of the kidney beans ("rajma" in hindi) are wavy, another ones will be a bush type.
  Fennel gave tiny leaves so far and I will take the pictures when it becomes a bit taller.
  I am expecting to have a good harvest later on! My husband loves rajma a lot, so we will have our own ;)
***Have a nice weekend everyone!***

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