Thursday, 8 March 2012

8 of March - International women's day and Holi!

Today is a special day, because two different holidays came together in one day - 8th Of March!
As known, 8 of March is always a holiday in Russia, many European countries and post USSR countries as well and is dedicated to women. So in the morning I got a lovely short sms-poem from my father! It was saying about spring, flowers and happiness! Thank you, dad!
This is a small picture gift for all women this day, tulip! I remember we use to have tulips on our old dacha, and whenever we use to come there in early spring, they were already blossoming, red and yellow! These are not ours, but they are resembling those:

This day also coincides with a big holiday of India called HOLI! It is a festival of colours, good mood, happiness and joy! This day is marked by throwing colours on each other and saying "Happy Holi!" Last we celebrated it with our friends. It was so much fun!!! I loved it and I hope we are going to celebrate this year the same way!

 Happy Holi and Happy Women's Day!!! Let's celebrate!

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