Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Borovoe: a lake and a home stay

   Wish I could make posts faster... hehe :) So many pictures are still waiting to be released! Well, I will try to tell a story further then. This time I am going to show our first day in Borovoe. One of my wishes, when I came home was... to swim! Almost anywhere possible... but Borovoe lake was so incredible treat for me!

A view of a beach.

 It is a wonderful combination of nature - hills and water! Look to the left and...

look to the right and ...

 look down into the clean water... 

 and above the lake waves!
Don't you yet want to swim? ;)
This wood cut image is placed near the lake. I guess, she is Panacea, a Greek goddess of universal remedy. Her image was established there because Borovoe was always one of the favorite places for sanatorium treatments of many health problems.

        Now I'd like to show where we actually stayed. It was a quiet, home like place where we always settle during Borovoe visit.
A garden path leading to the small cottage we stayed in.

 Some flowers of the garden: marigold.


A beautifully painted pot in Russian style with a common character of Russian folklore Firebird.
The hosts have built this summer house recently. It is enjoyable to sit there among the pine trees!
 The summer house has a waving wild cucumber plant which covers one side from the sun. I was fascinated with the color of the leaves...

and the fruit it produces!

   A cat Barsik lying on the bench and lazily posing for my camera. Since the time my old cat died, I am missing cats' company a lot, so I catch any opportunity to pat a cat :)

This is for another blog of mine - a broomstick of the hostess :) 

             The picture below is Russian banya's (sauna) roof with a smoking chimney. It can be upto 90 C degree inside banya!

           A bird's house on one of the pine trees. The host takes care of nature.

So, this is how out first day passed by, a slow and an active at the same time: enjoying swimming, walking, sitting outside, talking and laughing and, of course, taking pictures! I hope that the post wasn't too long. 
Thanks for all your comments and suggestions!

*** Have a great time wherever you are!***


  1. beautiful!!! makes me want to have more vacation :)

    1. yes, I will now cherish all these moments when I am back to India :) it's good to have vacations!
      thanks for your comment, Diana!

  2. Hello! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them!

    You were one of the winners of my postcard giveaway http://deerlittlefawn.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/free-postcards-winners.html

    I know you're on holiday at the moment though, so just email me your address whenever you get a chance, no rush. (I can post them to India no problem) :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. hello, Beth! Thanks, and I have already e-mailed you my address in India :)Thanks so much, you made my day! :) take care!


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