Thursday, 2 August 2012

Forest's Magic - Borovoe

  If you've been following my previous posts, then you know that I am telling about my recent trip. Last time I described a home stay and a lake. Now it is time for another kind of nature - forest. Forest is a magical place to me - it takes all your worries away as soon as you come under the marquee of the trees.
We started our journey along the road heading to the hills on the second day of our trip.
A beautiful view appeared in front of our eyes, when we arrived on the parking area.
This peculiar hill is called a "hedgehog" because of its shape. Can you see that sleeping giant hedgehog over there? ;)
 When we came closer to the hills, we decided to turn to the forest which wasn't far from the road. I wish I could describe the fragrance that you can feel only in a pinery. The forest inspires so much with the atmosphere of harmony and peace.
We were amazed with the layered stones in the forest - it looked like some invisible hand put them on each other. It is said that many centuries ago this area was also covered with water. Me and parents were climbing up this sloping hill finding treasures of the forest here and there.

A view from the hill on the forest.
 Some of the stones are seceded from the big ones and scattered all over glittering in the sun.  
A pine cone is a true jewel!

A pine tree core.
Lichen on the rocks.
 Just look how nature created that flowerbed cum loan on the stone.
On the way back my parents noticed that some forest bird lost a feather. It could be an owl or ... do you know who?
Oh, and this is a new life - a tiny pine tree!
 A creek was running here in the spring.
 Life is all around!
When we already left from the forest my mum found thyme. It has an incredible fragrance!
We  discovered so many interesting things while walking in the pinery. The forest is full of arcana... did you feel its magic too? :)
*** Enjoy the nature's beauty and take care of it!***


  1. wow...I just loved the pics...omg so so beautiful.mwah

    1. Yes, dear, it was very beautiful there. And oyu yourself remember how it is :) Mwah!

  2. I love the hedgehog... I never saw it before! there is a sleeping giant somwhere in Wales..Im only reminded of it now. I grew up in an area of pine forests so the scenery in someways is similar but in other ways there are differences, it looks very nice and reminds me of my childhood.hope your having fun..x

    1. I wish to see your area forests as well. May be some day I will have a walk there too:) Thanks for a nice comment and for reading (watching) my blog. take care!


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