Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Dacha is...

      All my vacation has been full of trips, nevertheless, the closest of all is, a trip to dacha (a summer cottage a few kilometres away from a city), brings me the biggest happiness. I was posting about this place not even once, because it is very special and dear to me, as my entire childhood is connected to it. Though a present dacha was a second one we owned after the first one was destructed in order to clear space for a city... we love it not less and even more and whatever we have there now  is a merit of my parents' hard work put into its development (I also tried to help them with few things there :)).
      So Dacha for me is...
   A variety of flowers which make me feel good and so bright inside when I look at them. They can be marigold planted by Mum beside the house...

and little zinnia...

or a flower, name of which we don't know

     Gladioli of various colors.  My Mum carefully collects gladioli bulbs every autumn to keep them for planting throughout the winter till the next summer.

yellow flower bush which pollen is being collected by bees.

         Sunflowers which were sown on their own all over dacha. Don't they deserve to have a SUN root in their name?

Way to discover nature: how the plants grow and what they need for it.

A rustle of birch trees in the wind... 

and a walk in our own pine tree alley. My parents planted all the trees about eight years back.

            The opportunity to see endless and changing sky due to the weather or the time of day. 

                  A feeling of comfort while sitting in the house, chatting to parents and having tea.

A creative way of making simple things like these potatoes baked in a charcoal.

       Communication with nature... when it comes to you on its own. These two cats came to our dacha and spent the whole day there... then disappeared.

And of course dacha for me is... be proud of the fruits of your work. This descent harvest we collected one week back. 

     Now as I am leaving soon, I will take all these memories about dacha with me, I will be remembering moments of joy and happiness for the rest of the year and till next summer... the only thing - I wish my D was here with me to share all this.

***Have a lovely day ahead and value the simple things!***


  1. oh God....i missed it so much this time :( But great to see the pictures baby.

    1. I know, dear. But let's make sure you won't miss next time :) Love you!

  2. each pic seems to say a story of its own.. its too good Anna :)

    1. Hey, thanks a lot for commenting!I myself like these pics very much, because they really look nice :)hehe

  3. Lovely, lovely garden, flowers and ... cats!

    1. our garden is my inspiration! thanks for your kind comments!

  4. A lovely garden and such a good selection of vegetables. You must get a lot of pleasure from growing all the flowers and plants, and it shows how well you have looked after it. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Milly, for your kind comment. Yes, my parents out loads of hard work into our kitchen garden:) And you know that only such vegetables are pure and the most tasty!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Pradeepa! I can't wait to go there again...


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