Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fit living - possible?

        I have come to a point when I start worrying about fit living. I have no problem with my weight and still somehow stay on a same mark, though I feel that a little bit more and I will start gaining on extra kilos. Last year me and my D tried to involve ourselves in such activities as dancing and gym. The dancing lasted for 3 months while we could keep up with gym only for 2 months in total. After that we were quiet occupied with jobs, house, family, friends and so on. Well, I say that our life is busy, not hectic though. So I am again thinking of how to improve this situation.
    Even if we can't go out for activities much, we still can do good for our bodies at home by walking at the backyard, I also try to do some exercises in the morning before office. It is more difficult to make my D to do the same, not everyday at least. He just says he doesn't have time for any yoga/fitness stuff in the morning (in the evening as well).  From time to time I just ask "When will WE start gym? I really want to...". I shall admit I am also lazy, I feel tired after office hours too. All this results in us staying at home in the evenings, peering into a laptop and eating something. 
     Another issue is eating healthy. Me and my D are non-veg people however almost whoever lives here in India becomes more or less veg. It happened to me. It doesn't mean that I didn't eat vegetables before, in fact, my family eats loads of them too, but more of meat as well. 
    So our diet does include lot of veggies, cooked and fresh, beans and peas, which are also good for health. We don't eat much of sweets, though we both love them, we eat different fruits, we have started eating from outside rarely now and try not to skip meals during the day. Still, some problems with additional body shapes come! Our work contributes to it surely:  eating not home made food, spending too much time in an inactive pose, which is also bad for a back... I am also worried that very frequently we have a late dinner at home. If take into account all I said above, then you have to change the entire life style in order to live a healthier life. So is it possible to have fit living without much effort? 


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