Monday, 7 May 2012

The Super Full Moon, Beans and Teeth

  The title of this post is likely more related to another blog of mine, but it's not. I am just simply going to tell about our weekend.
  Our weekend wasn't that pretty as the last one and the one before it. Saturday went under the sign of my husband's dental operation. He had that root canal stuff. I was really so much worried for him, because any kind of such interventions in our body frighten us. Nevertheless, his treatment went good and he will need to come for the final treatments as well. I hope that my husband won't need any dental help for many more years ahead. God bless!
   You might say, what is the relation between full moon and beans then? There might be some, however in my post they are related by Sunday we spent all day at home. I don't know why but sometimes we just don't go out anywhere, it's not surprising now as it's very hot here these days. All you need is AC and lie down and no activities.
  But of course you can't keep yourself in your bedroom for the entire day and you want to know what is going on outside. At least, outside your own room. So when we went out yesterday afternoon my D discovered that our beans were ready for harvest.Well, not so many as we expected as those with red flowers plants refused to give any pods at all. So we collected only the ones which gave them, white with maroon patches on them. I say to keep them for the next year for planting, as they proved to grow well in our soil.
   The pods dried very much in our Indian sun.
Our first Kazakhstani beans in India
   In the evening I had my Russian class because I shifted it from Saturday. My D had some meeting again at our home. So it was like we just wanted everything and everyone to come to our home themselves yesterday. 
  To tell the truth, I was planning to photograph The Super Full Moon. May be I am a poor photographer, but I couldn't convey the Moon's beauty, the way its disc shines on the night sky and makes you think about flying there, so high... All I got was this shiny dot. Still if you zoom the picture you can see seas on the Moon's surface:
Another experiment with the camera and try to take the most natural view of the Moon yesterday:
It was a slow weekend, but I was happy. You need to slow down your life at times... it anyways goes so fast.


  1. The beans are lovely and so is the moon..
    Hope D is feeling better now

    1. Yes, we are so happy to have at least this much!
      D is much better now and I am happy for him, thanks :)


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