Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Day of the Slavic Script

Cyril and Methodius
    Today is a day that is close to my heart not just because I am Russian hence belong to a Slavic culture, but also because I was studying the history of the Russian language and literature in the university. Through this study I got to know about the whole Slavonic world.

   When you say "Slavic Script" you also say Cyril and Methodius. They were brothers who had a great mission in their lives, because they were those to whom all Slavonic world owes the precious system of writing used  for almost over twelve centuries! Later on the brothers were canonized and named Saints Cyril and Methodius. You can refer to Wiki to know more about them.
   This day, 24 of May is the one out of not many when we, Slavic (or Slavonic) people can feel unity and belonging to a world heritage.  I was studying the ancient church and Russian languages at the university. The early Slavonic alphabet, invented by Cyril and Methodius, was called Glagolitic. In a modern world we use a Cyrillic one which is believed to be developed later on and named Cyrillic in honour of Cyril and Methodius. Here you can see early and modern versions of Cyrillic alphabet:

Early Cyrillic Alphabet
Modern Cyrillic alphabet
  This is really incredible how the script's shapes changed just a bit over centuries. In different Slavic languages you can find slight differences in alphabets used for writing.  I guess that in my Alma Mater, in my university there will be nice celebrations today at the Philological faculty especially!
   I'll also celebrate this day  by teaching Russian to an Indian girl, who is so much eager to learn the language as well as Russian culture. It warms up my heart and gives me more reasons to be proud of my Language.

                  ** So, Happy Slavic Script day to all the world! Let's be united.**


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