Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hot Summer Days

  The days in India are more than just sunny, they are very very hot. We can now rely only on air conditioners and fans, which work almost all day long. I was craving for some glimpse of rain, but no hope. Two days back I got up in the morning, went out on the back yard, lifted my hand up and ... saw fluffy clouds gathering above! I was so happy that rushed to take the camera and made these pictures:
Clouds were rain-promising. I have never seen such here before, so magnificent view!  However by the time I got ready to leave for office, the sky was clear again and sun started spreading its' heat.
Everything seems to be wishing for a drop of rain. Remember those green plants I was so proud of? They have become dry, no matter that we water them regularly. Poor tomatoes and beans, just a look at them makes you feel hot. Perhaps we should have planted them a bit earlier or we have to invent some tent in future to provide some shadow.
Some of the plants are struggling so hard to stay alive... and tomatoes are still growing!
 Our curry tree I described in another post, gave berries! The three's also feeling hot and its' leaves drooped, while berries are becoming red.
What about us?  Me and my D had been busy for the whole week and we are not eager to go out anyway today as it's hot. So I got busy into some house deals by cleaning the place around. We had been having quiet few dust storms over here, so the house stuff was covered with sand.
I cleaned shelves in our drawing room and now I can show a small collection of the books I have with me here.  Some of books I got from home, like these: rather shabby Goffman and Russian writers and poets Bunin, Gumilev and Pasternak.
Other books I have already purchased here like Coehlo and Tarot. Amanda Brooklyn was given to me by my friend  and awaiting to be read. "Soviet Literature" I took from the library of the school where I used to work (still need to give it back, lol).  And my dear Bram Stoker's "Dracula" which I bought in Moscow 3 years back! That time I also bought that thin book of Fitness yoga while I was already in thoughts about my D. This small library has a small history :)
 Today, just like last Sunday, I also gave time to myself and did home facial. I used this sandal pack mixed with Rose water, a great help in purifying your skin and making it gentle.
 I was also planning to do yarn shopping as I ran out of few colours.. Let's see. The heat is declining now, by six o'clock, so the evening will be more fresh and will give a relief till tomorrow's morning.
 Wishing everyone a nice weekend. Thanks for all the comments and your support :)


  1. poor plants, too much is so terrible for plants. Although I am a little bit jealous ... you already have tomatoes fruits on your trees. The curry looks delight!

    1. Yes, plants feel really bad now. We've got tomatoes and beans in a very short time as it ripened very fast. so, later we can plant some more I guess and harvest again :)
      I have no idea about using curry berries in food though.
      Thanks for comment!


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