Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ease Your Mind

   My week has been a bit more hectic than I expected it to be. A little twist in my mood didn't really let the first half of it to pass on a good note. Perhaps it happened because of extremely hot weather this May . It's been more than +40 for the entire week and no hope for a tiny drop of the rain. Nevertheless no one left their duties and continued doing what was supposed to do. Me too, with loads of struggle with my laziness and even some apathy, managed to do a few things at home during the week. One of them was replanting of this Sansevieria leaf:
   We have many of these plants back at my parent's home, so I also wanted to have the same here in India. I love this plant and I picked this leaf from a kind of a nursery in front of our house may be about 6 months ago. It was sitting in water for a long time before it finally gave tiny white roots and when I finally decided to plant it into a pot. It started growing in it but I didn't like how the soil's look: it was all light brown and clay like, becoming so hard after watering. So 2 days back I made a decision to replant the leaf into the same soil mixed with an organic one:
I hope that now Sansevieria feels more comfortable and will be growing even better. I placed it in our room for the time being until this heat outside will decline a bit.
 Day before yesterday as soon as I came back from office, I picked the camera, went out, walked a few meters away from our house and captured this beautiful tree called Gulmohar. Isn't it charming?
  The tree is very tall and I love so much these bright orange flowers and unusually structured leaves which make some kind of lacy pattern if you look through them:
      Magnificent tree!
 To finish my post: these pink roses growing in the neighbourhood - such a beauty!
I can say that flowers and  plants help me to fight with bad mood by just when I'm looking at  them. It eases my mind for sure :)
     **Have nice weekend and watch more of beautiful things around!**

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