Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Owls - I like so much!

     I have never done any post featuring very well known Etsy. I created an account there just because of curiosity more than one month back. I haven't put my items there yet and may be I am not going to. I like different small items made with owl figures in them like pendants, statues, crochet owls (I want to make one so much) and other stuff. In a search for some cute things I just looked recently into forgotten by me site and searched for an "Owl". And OMG, there are so many of them (links are given in captions)! Just look at this napkin holder:

owl letter or napkin holder
      Or this vintage owl pendant. I like that clockwork inside :

owl pendant
       These little owls are so adorable!

felt owls
        Oh wow, Owl Piggy Bank!

owl piggy bank

        I liked this small wallet too:

owls and blooming sakura coin purse

    There are many more items which deserve your attention.
    By the way I am myself an owner of two owl figures, one I got from Russian city Rostov, another one was bought in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. I might show them in my blog too :) May be I will create series of posts about owls. Who knows? Or may be I will have to start one more blog then? ;)


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