Monday, 21 May 2012

New Road Ride

In spite of the hot weather which established itself in our region, we managed to spend our Sunday on a trip-like note. Thanks to my D who initiated a small ride along the newly built road, called Zirakpur-Pinjore road. He had heard somewhere about its launch and since then was keeping in his mind that we could go and see it.
So yesterday afternoon, around 3 pm we left from home and headed towards the Himalayan foothills.
before we used to go to the nearest hills through a very jammed city on the way, what used to make our trips less enjoyable. Now you can reach Timber trail, hill stations like Kasauli and Shimla, in much lesser time, saving at least half an hour.
   The new road is indeed awesome: smooth and wide, with not so many cars going along it. My D was more than happy to drive all way to the place we like to stop by and have some snacks and tea. However, yesterday we preferred to have cold drinks :) This is the view from this place on the foothills and the timber trail cabins going up and down:
Here you can see that the road was constructed through the hills, what thrilled us when we were passing them by:
On the way back we also noticed some fields in the valley. This view is fascinating me:
 The same view but a Hindu temple in the shot:
 I really appreciate my D took me  for this ride yesterday, it made my day. I was honestly getting bored at home and wanted some change in surroundings. Sometimes I wish we had a small dacha (a country house) somewhere in the hills so we could go there on weekends and rest from a busy city life. Let's see, may be some day this dream comes true.


  1. The scenic beauty is amazing.. :) a good post :) and wish that your dream of having a dacha come true ASAP.. :)

    1. Yes, Rakshatha, you should also see it some day.
      Thanks for your kind wishes :) Have a nice day!


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