Friday, 17 February 2012

To Work or Not to Work?

Yes, this dilemma becomes really serious sometimes.Last year, when I was sitting at home for more than one month, I use to get so much  bored and was getting some kind of depression, though I was trying to rehab my hobbies and all... Then I found internship again and was sooo happy! Now I got another one and it lasted for six month already. I am earning some money as well. But I think that my work is boring now! That I want to stay home and do my hobbies, because I don't simply have time for them. Even if I am doing some nice handmade stuff, it's like in a hurry, as I know I have limited time for doing it! How to solve this? Hmmm, I have some ideas and me and my husband are dreaming of that day when we both will be doing what we LIKE! They say "like what you do" too, but it's difficult to achieve it when what you do is not exactly YOURS.
We have choices in our life, so there is a choice whether "to work or not to work", you just have to find your way in all these jobs and hobbies. May be your way will be a silk one too, just like mine ;)

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