Monday, 13 February 2012

Changing Chandigarh

Two big projects are being planned to be implemented in Chandigarh soon. My brief thinking about it.
It's known to all the city residents that the United Territory administration is going to built a metro in Chandigarh!  Work on project will begin in 2013, next year: 
 Everyone has their own opinion about this new facility in the city. So do I. I think that metro system will definitely unload city roads and will give opportunity to people to move from one place to another freely,  avoiding all the inconveniences related to traffic: pollution, noise, heat in the summer and cold in the winter. I know what it is like going by rickshaw as I use it everyday to get home after office. I don't mean to say that it's so bad, but not that comfortable.
Well, good points about having a metro and being proud citizens have been highlighted.What about disadvantages? I guess, that they are: we will be standing in a long queue to buy tokens or tickets (the way it's happening in Delhi metro), then, with the grows of the city, we will be spending one hour in metro, changing the stations, hmmm... then metro will change the city's look of course, and we will be resembling Mumbai or Delhi.

The second big change expected to happen is a launch of Chandigarh  International Airport. Especially for me this change is going to be quiet pleasant, because I can easily fly home, to Kazakhstan, straight from the city I live in! Me and many other people are going to save loads of time 
and nerves, because you won't need to go to Delhi first, worrying for being at IGI on time.Surely that International airport will increase
prestige (along with metro, remember?)of the city. 
Somehow international flights from Chandigarh haven't started yet, because of some political issues: Let's see how the events are going to develop.
The main concern,  whether we like these changes or not, we can't escape from them, 
we have to accept, we can't leave them hence we have to love them!

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