Friday, 17 February 2012

Valentine's day impressions

 I had a wonderful 2012 St. Valentine's day!
 This is one part of my husband's surprise: a bouquet of roses, which was brought to the office, where I work, and gifted to me by my hubby himself! Should you have known how much nervous, shy and happy I was at the moment of receiving it! And even my Indian boy said he got nervous too!
The second part was when we were having a lovely walk in the city centre. I took the bouquet with me and what was important, I didn't see any other lady with flowers! I was feeling very special!
We kept on walking, got tired a bit, when suddenly our way turned to some less crowded street and slowly we reached a restaurant!
No need to say that we had romantic time with each other and were delighted with a delicious dinner after which had a nice walk back.
I can never forget those moments and I am blessed to have such caring and loving husband!
Happy Valentine's days ahead!

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