Friday, 24 February 2012

The Woman in Black in our town

 Well, time to tell about our outing and quality time we spent day before yesterday! Me and my husband went to the PVR cinema to watch... The Woman in Black! Why this?
Explaining. First of all, horror, thriller are my favourite movie genres, and even my husband started liking them. hehe. Second - we both are fans of Harry Potter and of course couldn't miss the movie with Daniel Radcliffe! Third - we have never seen a horror/thriller on a big screen.
 There were not many people who came to see The Woman in Black, but the less were those who came with such special interest like we.
 I was expecting some certain things to be shown in this film like gloomy interiors, grim faces, creepy sounds and all. But beside these constant attributes of  every horror there was something particular in this one. I really liked the English landscape and the weather shown, both to enrich the atmosphere of a tragedy which is happening with the main hero and people around him. I liked the attention to the details of furnishing and interiors of different houses. For example, in the very beginning of the movie when three girls are playing a tea party with dolls in the attic,  you can see girls apparel of that time and toy tea set, the old carpet on the floor and later, when girls, called by an invisible power, start approaching the window, there is an old vintage cupboard with a few scratches on it...
 Another detail I noticed was directly linked to my present hobby. One of the characters - an old lady who lost her son under mystic circumstances, was wearing a white night gown with crocheted laces on it! Isn't it so?

Everything and everyone looked very real and you can't get rid of the thought that the events are real too and could have happened. What made me feel creeps was old toys! I never thought that toys can look scary and make so scary sounds!
Daniel Radcliffe's role in this movie was another attempt to overcome everyone's impression about him as Harry Potter of course. Few times I  did connect some moments of the movie with Harry Potter, but only visual ones like engine (Hogwarts Express) taking the main hero to the village and some other details. That happened only because of J.K. Rowling's realism (!) in her books when she picked up all the peculiarities of English life and brought them in front of us in an interesting form. Daniel Radcliffe DID look different and much mature now:

 I liked the movie overall because it felt  like you were reading a good horror novel.
Next time we are going to see One Week with Marylin which stars... Emma Watson!!! :)


  1. That's a very good review Anna.. I feel like watching the movie :)

    1. Thanks. Yes, you can watch it if you like old style horrors :) And movie is really beautifully done.


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