Thursday, 1 November 2012

Festive and Busy Life

  Halloween in India was great! Though it was quite late when I dressed up and made make up for me and my husband (yes, for him too:)), we really enjoyed our Halloween celebration together! It was my husband's first experience and I don't really know who he was, because I was definitely a zombie fortune teller (haven't you guessed yet?) can see that we had fun! 
Otherwise, I find this time of the year very busy and full of events. Besides all the festival preparations, and we try to participate in both, Hindu and Christian, there are many birthdays coming up in November, my husband is going for official trip again and will be back exactly before Diwali (13th of November). My mother-in-law's birthday is colliding with another Indian festival called Karwachauth which is tomorrow. Also, as it happens to me frequently, after months of lull, I get another student, willing to learn Russian, plus also... getting my first custom crochet which has to be done by the mid of December (though the 5 rows of the ripple baby blanket are left). Isn't all this great? :) Hey, and there are also Christmas and New Year ahead... Thinking about crochet decoration already!
 Tonight I am going to apply henna (mehendi) on my hands for tomorrow's festival and will try to post some pictures :)
Hope you all had a great Halloween, and your life is as much interesting and eventful as mine here in India! Cheers!
P.S. I know there has been much more happening in the world these days.. this makes me think that we have to cherish every moment of our life, spend with our families and loved ones. Hope you are all well and safe in your places. 


  1. You both look scary! Good make up!
    There is so much to do and there is so little time. Good luck for all your ventures.
    And a very happy Karvachauth. I will be fasting too! :)

  2. Thanks, Birdie! Happy Karwachauth to you too!

  3. Uuuh, creepy make-up, teehee, well done :-). Nice to hear that you had a good Halloween. We, too. There were 27 children at all coming for Trick or Treat yesterday! Happy celebrating :-)

  4. Great photo!! Certainly sounds a busy time for you now! Do post pictures of your Henna on your hands - I love the look of that - so beautiful!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. Wow, nice make up! I look forward to seeing your henna hand decorations. :)


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