Friday, 2 November 2012

Fast, Henna and Garden

The festival called Karvachauth is on! Yesterday evening we went to the market to apply henna (mehendi). I always opt for Arabic pattern, this time I chose it too. We also bought new bangles to match my new suit, some almonds, sweets and other yummy things which I will eat only in the evening because... I am fasting today for my husband's well being and long life. After I see the moon the fast will be broken and my husband will offer me food and water. This is how my henna looked yesterday, while still wet.
Morning picture. The background is my suit's scarf called dupatta. Right now I am keeping myself busy with blogging in the office, as I am really hungry and thirsty.
I also thought that it's been a while I posted about my Indian garden with plants from Kazakhstan. Some of you know that my parents have dacha (a country house), and my Mum is fond of planting and growing different types of flowers and vegetables. This summer I visited my parents and got plenty of seeds (shh, you are not allowed to transfer them to India :). Now I am experimenting: which Indian weather is suitable for what plant. What I have got so far are kidney beans and marigold. Kidney beans are doing quiet well, but marigold is just half of the actual height and the flowers are much smaller too.
Now, to Indian vegetation. I replanted some baby aloe plants, as I am planning to make different face packs and masks with it when it grows thicker.:)
The Sansevieria sits in the open soil now and grows way too slow! I also have some garlic, but didn't take its picture.  You can see that the soil is clay like hence dries very soon after being watered.
Once again, I am being very confused these days so the posts reflect it I guess. Nevertheless, I am grateful that our life here is going on fine. Hope you all are doing well and making your own gardens of happiness wherever you are!


  1. Thank you for the henna pictures! It's very pretty. Good luck with the garden, and I hope the moon rose early for you. :)

    1. Glad you liked them, Mrs. Micawber. It rose early, but I broke fast late as we were doing shopping meanwhile:) Hehe:)

  2. Nice henna and nice suit. You should have posted your pics too. Would love to see you in your Indian avatar. You have anice garden. Bye

  3. I've done henna on the outside of my hands but never on the inside like that. The design is very nice. Looks like you had a nice Halloween and festival day. So nice that you are able to have a garden. Good luck with everything. Best wishes, Tammy


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