Friday, 7 September 2012

Choosing a craft - sewing, stencil, knitting

   Crafts...hand made... - I have been planning to do more of all this stuff and just have to begin. Begin...but what? Internet is full of diverse crafty ideas. I have also discovered great sites for crafting people like Craftgossip. I really don't know when all of them have time to do all those beautiful things! Recently I happened upon beautiful hand made works of the lady from Cards, Crafts, Kids projects blog and who is a practising surgeon at the same time! She makes lovely paper cut projects: cards, boxes, decor pieces and so on. 
  Another blogger and a DIY sewer from Creating my way to Success has incredible sewing tutorials for a beginner as well as advance level sewers. I have noted few of them for myself.
  My dilemma as of now is what craft to start learning. I want to get to know other crafty worlds like sewing, stencil, and knitting. Any craft needs special supplies, so first I have to check out what to buy  or what is already in the storage. The site Simply Modern Mom  advises these to begin sewing: 

bobbins (with the threads for a sewing machine)
measuring tape
pins and pin cushion
safety pins
seam ripper
sewing machine needles
sewing machine (obviously!)

sewing needles                       

                                                     Also I think I will need marking tools like pencil, chalk, and obviously I will need fabrics or any material I am going to work with. Besides there are many such tools like see-through ruler and some other. I will also need space for all those tools to be arranged. Well, somehow sewing seems a little more supplies consuming than crocheting for example.
a stencil rose
  What about stencil? Stencil art was discovered by me today itself. I was using stencil before for some school projects of course, however never tried to think of it as an art. This hobby can become a great source of ideas, because you can use stencil for decoration of your house, for making pictures, for designing furniture etc. Stencil is also easy to start. All you need is a thin plastic sheet, paper cutter, marker, a stencil pattern you are going to trace and some paints. Today I am going to try it out. Patterns are ready to be printed out and plastic sheet will be found somewhere at home. 

 Knitting..hmmm.. not so much new to me, but I would like to go on upper level now as my knowledge so far is just how to make basic stitches. Knitting is just same as crochet - a great way to make beautiful things for yourself and close ones, also supplies are easily available and minimum tools are required.
  These days I don't take pictures at all, may be got bored of it or just want to change the format of my blog for a while. That's why mostly I share my inner world here, what I am up to now and what I think of it. Nevertheless I am going to post some pictures of my new crochet project soon.

***Have a nice day!***


  1. Oh sweet of you to write about me! Since you love different crafts I guess you are like me!!
    Thank You so much for following my blog

    1. Hello, Sonia! I was very much impressed with your creations, you have such a unique talent! We could share some ideas of different crafts))
      Thanks for your lovely comment!!!

  2. I'm also trying to try out a new craft hobby but I still don't know what to do.

    I already have a project which I want to do for our Wedding Anniversary coming up next month.

    Will talk to you abt it during our lunch "date".

    1. That is great, Jackie! I look forward to know what is in your mind))
      Thanks for commenting too! It means a lot to me)

  3. this is a nice post, it has a magazine style - good layout I hope your crafts go well.. the previous crochet square you posted was lovely (the 1 with flowers.. I would loooove a whole blanket made with those flower squares in different colours it would be beautiful I showed my sister and told her to make me one ^_^ but im still waiting haha). I'm sure if you could make something like that you could even sell them!!

    1. thanks, i am blushing now:) i will think of posting it in a local magazine:) yes, i remember you suggested me to make a blanket out of such squares,thanks for inspiring to create more! your sister will definitely make a lovely blanket if she has a wish to renew her crochet hobby, otherwise,yes, you will have to wait...:)well...selling things - then i will have to leave my job for sure)hehe))
      thanks for your nice and thoughtful comment too!


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