Friday, 21 September 2012

Cards from Deer Little Fawn :)

   This is a post about how happy and surprised I was when I finally received these lovely beautiful cards as a giveaway gift from my fellow blogger Beth.  :) She does wonderful drawings and sketches, with floral, animal motifs, which you can check out on her blog Deer Little Fawn and the site Forest Lodge Illustration. So I have been liking the drawings since I joined the blog, and no wonder I was really happy to have them with me now...Why was I surprised then? Because the cards reached me just in one week time, from UK to India, in spite of anything, magically! Thank you a lot, Beth! I also just adore cats, so I was very glad to have that cute cat among the cards :) And of  course all those beautiful flowers.


  1. Congrats! The cards are very nice. I'm waiting on a giveaway gift from the UK, too, but the postal system here in Kuwait is so bad. Sometimes, even if a package only takes a week to arrive here, it could take a month to get sorted and delivered. And some items never even make it to the intended destination. Very frustrating to say the least. :/

    1. Thanks, Tammy, they are! :)Actually, this was the second post sent to me with the same cards, because the first one got lost somewhere, so you can judge the post service here too. Well, hope you will get your gift soon too :)


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