Friday, 15 June 2012

Second Wedding Anniversary - Together:)

      After my husband's birthday, it is time for celebration again - our Wedding Anniversary, a second one! I can't believe that it's been already two years as we are together!
     We had different times throughout our marriage, but no matter what, we always tried not to forget how much efforts we put into this small word "together". We wanted to be together when we were far from each other. Now we just can't afford being far when we are so close :) Forever is not yours, but together is in your hands!
    Today as we both grow two years older, our love and relations are still young and exciting. We cherish the memories of the beginning of our love and it makes us strong. We still discover each others personalities, exchange each others cultures, and of course, becoming closer to each other day by day. May be I can't read my D's mind yet, but I already know what makes him happy and what makes him sad. I bet he knows this about me too.
     I am blessed and happy that I have such husband as D is. He is my life's Sun (as this is his name's meaning). And this means a lot to me! I  Love you, D, and want to be together with you always!
   Today I can afford to post my and my husband's pic :) Just once in a while :)) Hehe

                                                ***   Have a nice day and be happy!!!***


  1. Happy Anniversary :) you look like a very happy couple :)

    1. Thank you very much, Diana! yes, we are happy :)

  2. You are a very beautiful couple! (And I know I am posting this almost a year late for your second anniversary and your third one is coming up shortly).
    Yes, marriage is a lifetime of learning, with a lot of patience and love involved.
    Thank you for stopping by for the French Blog Party! It has been fun posting many things about France, and I have never been there either so it has been a virtual tour for me too!
    Teresa in California

  3. Hi dear, Landed on this page today. Wonder how I had missed it all this while. Both of you make a lovely couple and you my dear are simply gorgeous. Really beautiful. So glad I found this blog post.

    1. hi, Sangeetha! Thanks a lot for your words! :) I was thinking of some blog party related to old posts... may be it is time to reveal it :)


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