Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Birthday, a cake and a poem :)

    June always starts on a good note for me because we celebrate my husband's Birthday on the 5th day of this month! :) My Indian boy grew one year older yesterday, but I feel like he didn't change much since the day we met. And this is what makes me happy too )) I am still feeling like we have just met and have loads of things to share and understand in each others worlds.
   My dear D, be happy and I Love you a lot!
   Now let me boast a bit :) I didn't buy any present for my D... but I managed to do things for him with my hands :) The first gift was for a "body" - this chocolate cake recipe I found in the internet here and it was so easy to make it! Moreover cake doesn't contain eggs what makes it a good dessert for vegetarians.

The cake ( to my disappointment) didn't come out fluffy, but no worries, it was a first one ever chocolate cake I made, so next ones will be better :) The taste however was very good and chocolaty indeed! I also grated some almonds and cashews on the top of the cake.
    This was the second gift, for a "soul",  - an envelope with a poem inside ( I am blushing now;). My D liked it a lot as think he was not expecting it from me :)
     So these were moments of happiness yesterday. We had a small dinner with our family (my in-laws and sister-in-law) and it was really nice, very cozy and cheerful. :)
    There is also one more good occasion for celebration in June - our wedding  anniversary! I am thinking of making a cake again... or let it go the way it is, no plans, but improvisation!


  1. lovely... the cake looks yummy Anna :) belated birthday to my frn :)

    1. Thanks, Rakshatha :)I will convey him your wishes :) take care!!!


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