Sunday, 17 June 2012

Anniversary Friday moments

   This weekend has been a long one. Me and D both don't feel like going to work. It was so lovely time together, we used to go out and stay at home, enjoying lazy moments :) It is good to work too but to rest is not bad as well :P
   In spite of having no work these days I got busy with some home deals, and on the day of our anniversary I prepared lunch and baked a mango cake! Yea, I am trying to be a homely wife and learn some new recipes.
   So lunch I made was a dish I picked from my Mum. She likes to make it at dacha. It is very easy and tasty! The recipe is here.

  The mango season over here now, so why not to use this delicious fruit for baking when it is easily available in any market. I got  the recipe from this blog post in the internet (where else?:)) Mango cake was tasty, but it took too much time for an oven I use to bake it properly.

  Anniversary day was so pleasant and had surprise for me as well when my husband gifted me flowers and a card with congratulations. I clicked the pictures of the flowers the next day (sorry). These gladioli are so lovely:

 My husband, me and my in-laws spent Friday evening in the Chinese restaurant where we all  tried a Chinese sizzler for the first time. I took the picture just moments  before they started serving it. There was such mixture of vegetables in it plus chicken, fish and noodles! Worth trying if you crave for some tasty exotic food.

   The Friday went on good and smooth as it was supposed to :) There were tasty, beautiful and cozy moments. We had a very nice celebration and now heading towards the next year when our relations would be three years strong!

                          *** Have a great week ahead and have more memorable moments in your life***


  1. Congratulations Anna.. its lovely.. :)the cake looks yummy :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Rakshatha! :) Try to make such cake, I'd love to see your result. May be I am missing something in the preparation.


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