Friday, 15 January 2016

Life as it is

Hello dear friends! Hope these few weeks of  a new year were good to you and brought only positive and joyful things to your family.
Day before yesterday we celebrated Lohri festival, with bonfire, gachak (Indian sweets with various nuts), dancing. Though this festival marks end of the winter and start of the spring... it has become cold the very next day! We have not been getting "proper" winter since it started here in Chandigarh. However foggy and cold weather has settled yesterday and today as well. I am happy though because I am a winter girl you know.

But I have been restless for a over a week now because my little A is about to have his vaccination today, and we know it is going to be a painful one (DTwP), because the painless one (DTaP) is not available in India for the past few months, and no one knows when and where it might appear. We have been following the vaccination schedule since little A's birth, but I have never been worried more than this time! First I cannot see him crying and feeling pain when the medicine is extremely worried about how he is going to be post vaccination. He might as well be fine, but we prepare for high fever and at least a couple of tough days for him and us. I just want it to pass soon so we can move on and have our usual routine.
I know there are many discussions regarding vaccination in the internet and many opinions, many scary stories, LOADS of information which actually doesn't ease my mind and my heart. I consulted with several friends, some of them are doctors, so we decided to vaccinate.
As of now I am looking forward to be with my little one who became very choosy about who is going to be with him, and got attached to my in-laws a lot lately. He is growing very fast, speaking his own language, but definitely meaning to say something, so I guess his speaking skills are about to bloom by the time he is 2 years old. We are also thinking of a good preschool for him, and this thought itself makes me sad and worried. I cannot imagine him being out of the house without any of us beside him! Really really tough decisions are there, and I shall get used to the thought that my little A will have to be on his own some time and some day...

Sending wishes of cozy and cheerful atmosphere in your house! 


  1. Good luck with the vaccination today! I'm not against them at all but I have some friends who are. It's quite the controversy. A is adorable! Love the pic of the tree as well!

  2. Little A is such a cute kid! I hope his vaccination goes very well and that he recovers quickly from it, the little sweetie.

  3. Hope the vaccinations gp well. What a handsome little boy!

  4. Oh, what a doll baby he is, Anna...I am glad you finally posted a picture of this sweet face. Glad you're going ahead with the vaccinations, too - there are so many who are opting not to, and then paying a HORRIBLY high price when the child catches something he or she could have avoided. Love to you, my friend across the miles! XOXO

  5. I hope your little guy is doing okay after the vaccinations. It never ends ... as my 17 year old is about to get one at school the end of this month. And I still worry. Take care! Tammy

  6. He is so precious! I hope the vaccination went well! Hugs!


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