Thursday, 25 June 2015

Changes and challenges

Hello my dearest friends! Phew... First of all, everything is fine here in our small city beautiful Chandigarh :) It's just we got a little busy, a little lazy, but very happy too :)
Our baby boy is going to hit his first birthday next month! Wow! Time doesn't fly, it knocks you off your feet, without letting to take a breath and stop a moment... My boy grew and changed so so much since last year... He has got 2 lower teeth, he now can stand with support and he is very active and impatient to explore the world!
My boy's hand... in January when we were going to meet my mom at the Indira Gandhi Airport... His hand is a little bigger now of course.
 A beautiful pouch gifted by my very good blogger friend Preeti from Create -E-witty Unleashed. It came handy and very convenient to take along everywhere I go!

You know how many times I was collecting photos for you, was going to write about my life these days... but I guess I still feel too tired, and head is too full of thoughts about my child now, that I stop half way and leave the idea of opening the blogger... But I never ever stopped and stop thinking about all of you! I hope everyone is doing great and healthy in their cozy homes :)
We are welcoming the monsoon season here, this year, it has arrived on time hopefully. It is extremely humid here, though temperature dropped down from +40 to about +33 in day time :) It makes me happy you can understand how much.This summer I am finally travelling home!!! After 2 years! I am so excited as this time we have planned something new for out trip, I will tell you about it later.
I resumed my office half day and now running between home and work, work and home...I lost loads of weight since last year, which is not unusual when you breastfeed but somehow makes me worry as everyone points out at it. I really need to take a good rest and change the surroundings, get energy from my family and my country, gain some weight, eating the food of my home...
Overall I try to be busy and try not to dive too much into housewifing, however thinking of an opportunity to be with my child home full time and take care of him better than I do now. Thanks to my in-laws for their support and care of their grandson, but children have to be with their parents, not speaking of how much happy my son is when we both are around... he misses us a lot while we are away!
Hence in order to fulfill my plan or a dream, I am trying a new venture - retail business. The idea was given by my D, so I started just few weeks ago and posting mainly on Facebook. Here is the link to my page Authentic Indian Suits if you are interested. I am trading Indian traditional wear - suits, of which there is a great variety and a huge range of designs and shapes!!! I am planning to create a website too whenever I have time...
So don't give up on my blog, I am still around my friends!

Have  a lovely day ahead! Take care!


  1. So great to hear an update from you! I just went to your FB page and liked it....I will check it out in depth in a bit. Glad to hear everything's going well for you, but for the super hot weather and humidity. We had a horrible winter so I am reluctant to complain if it gets too hot here. Gee if I knew breastfeeding induced weight loss, I would've had a kid. lol

  2. Thanks for the update! Two teeth!! Babies take a lot of time and energy, so I'm not surprised you're not blogging as much. But know that we're thinking of you!

  3. Hi, so cute in tiny hands up, and I wish you a happy beautiful days....

  4. Hi Anna, Nice to see you after a long time:) Your son is very cute but I did not notice in the photo you had sent that you lost weight. I thought you were slim like that. Hopefully, you will gain back soon, it is not difficult for new moms to get loaded again. Enjoy your time when you visit your mom and take rest. Good that the pouch is of some use to you. Hope you might have done with some pages in the baby book too. But if you don't , I can understand , I was terrible in maintaining a diary or something for my daughter other than the vaccination card :)
    Many congrats on your new venture !! Wish you success in it :)

  5. Welcome back. Nice to see you back in blogland. All the best for your new venture. Am sure it'll do wonders and give you lot of satisfaction. Yes. The first year of a child keeps the mother into a different sphere altogether !! Enjoy these moments

  6. I thought about you just yesterday but checked your blog and you hadn't posted in so long ... and now here you are. Gosh, I can't believe the little guy is already going to be a year old. Amazing! Glad to know that you will be taking a trip to your home country for some much needed away time. Enjoy! Best wishes,Tammy

  7. It's so exciting to hear from you and how much your son has grown. I'm glad you get to visit with your family and enjoy the food of your home. I wish you well on your venture selling Authentic Indian Suits.

  8. So happy to read you. And happy you'll get to visit home soon.

    I understand your desire to take care of your own baby, and wish you the best of luck with the plans to come! ♥

  9. The year has flown Anna, Happy Birthday to your lovely son, it takes a long while to settle into parenthood your whole life is turned upside down, your new venture sounds exciting and I wish you every success. I love the gift from Preeti so beautiful. :) xx

  10. Glad to hear from you. Take care of your little boy and enjoy everyday.

  11. Great to hear from you! So happy everything is going well ;o) Give your little one a hug from me ;o) Please take care of yourself!

  12. congratulation's to you!
    I've had a hard time a while back,but getting better and I am happy for your happiness!!
    take care:)


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