Saturday, 14 April 2012

Past week or Nature around me

  Past week didn't leave me a chance for posting even a single picture. From the middle of the last week and beginning of the present I was out of the city with my husband. He as usual, went for official purposes, I went to be with him and settle down few deals in Delhi.  I was very happy to be out of town for some time and take rest from my work. What was a very wise idea is that I took my crochet with me and successfully learned ripple pattern and a bit of amigurumi technique! (pictures will come).
Leaving crochet for a while, seems like my last blog posts turned out to be so "green". Well, not so green these days as more and more flowers are appearing. This island of green and blossoming plants inspires me so much, that I check it in the morning before I leave, I check it in the evening when I come back home and in the night before going to bed. There are few questions in my head like: Who made flowers so extremely colourful, with different shapes of their petals? Who invented trees to change leaves colour with a change of season?  Where did such diversity of these wonderful in many ways plants come from? And how it happened that so many of them give us so delicious fruits? Of course biology answered all these questions, but still WHY is it all like this? I don't know the answer, but I do love nature.
Our beans grew very fast in past week and we got small pods hanging in between leaves, where there had been flowers before. We have two type of beans, the one which waves and the one which grows as a bush. So those pictures with red flowered plants in them, are the "wavy" ones, others, with slightly purple, are the
"bush" type:
 So proud to have first pods:
I guess that with such speed of mellowing, we can have more than one harvest in a year :) Hehe. Look at these cute round tomatoes, they are too good!
And my second pride (again) is fennel, which grows way too slowly, but became much taller though since the last post about it. Hence I will be able to add it to salads soon! Happy now :)
In my plans are more posts about flora of the place I live in, as there is so much of nature here to tell about!
I would like to tell that my crochet is not forgotten, tempo just slowed down a bit due to stirring life. 

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